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EA Sports NCAA 12: Wide Receiver Rankings

This is one in a series of posts about the UB roster in NCAA 12. Based on user feedback I will use team builder to complete and correct some of their errors on the Buffalo Roster.

NCAA 12 is imminent. Later this month I will start rushing the kids to bed a few minutes earlier so I can get my fix on the belated fathers day gift.

What will follow is a stream of restart and cursing that the computer cheats as my wife, appropriately, rolls her eyes and wonder why in the heck I let the game get me so upset and why I use that time as my spin down in the evening.

I just have to wonder why EA Sports decided to torture Cordeo Dixon? Why EA Sports, Why?

Dixon, who in real life stands at about six even is set at 6-4 in the new game. Someone over at EA sports either confused him with incoming Freshman Ron Willoughvy (who is 6-0 170)or put his virtual self on the rack.

There are a few guys off an inch here or there, but the only one that really needs to be fixed is Dixon.

Here are all the receivers:

Pos Number Year Name Height Weight Rating Type
WR 2 SR Marcus Rivers 6-3 209 76 Balanced
WR 5 SR Terrell Jackson 6-1 183 72 Balanced
WR 6 JR Saron Hood 6-0 177 62 Speed
WR 10 SR Ed Young 6-0 195 69 Balanced
WR 11 FR Aaron Walters 6-0 167 43 Speed
WR 18 SO Fred Lee 6-2 192 65 Balanced
WR 19 SO Alex Neutz 6-3 200 69 Balanced
WR 29 FR Adam Redden 6-1 185 46 Balanced
WR 85 FR Cordero Dixon 6-0 177 50 Speed
WR 87 Fr Devon Hughes 6-0 191 59 Poss
WR 34 FR Ron Willoughby 6-4 170 ? Balanced

First thing, other than Stretch Dixon, is rivers being tagged as a balanced receiver. His hands were 100% better last season than in 2009 but still, I would peg him as a 'speed' guy.

Secondly, what about Ron? I am guessing about a 50 but if you think that's off let me know in the comments.