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Coach Spoons Pre MACC Teleconference

Its that time again. The MAC coaches all made themselves available to the media for bit to take questions in advance of the MACC games starting tonight.

One Question UBNation has been dying to ask is what happened half way through the season. One of CMU media contingent asked that very question. According to Coach Witherspoon the biggest single difference is that we played more on the road. But he did not absolve the team completely, Coach was quick to point out the loss to Ohio.

He believes that the physical challenge created a mental challenge that the players were not used to dealing with. The travel wore them down and they could not respond mentally.

He had to give the standard answer when someone asked about how UB will prepare differently this time than last for the Chips. Unlike the usual coaching platitudes he is spot on this time. CMU is playing better ball now than they were a month ago so the Bull can not look at the earlier drubbing as a template for beating the Central Michigan.

The whole teleconference is here: