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Josh Thomas at the Combine, What was learned

Josh Thomas entered the combine on the bubble. Of the mock draft sites I viewed (roughly 30) most project him as a seventh round pick. His work at the combine might have moved that bubble from late seventh to late sixth.

Generally this years crop is views as pretty soft at the safety spot, which might bode well for corner backs. Thomas is quickly establishing himself in the 15 to 20 range.

Thomas was viewed as a possible late-round prospect after the college season ended. His chances of getting picked somewhere in the final couple rounds look pretty good. --Mark Gaughan

Thomas had sown great speed and toughness in pass coverage through 2009. With the installation of an aggressive defense by Coach Inge in 2010 he was given more chances to blitz and play in the opponent’s backfield. He showed good pursuit and run stopping ability as a blitzing corner.

Recent Draft History has not been good to the Bulls. Neither Roosevelt nor Mike Newton went last season yet both made it as UDFA. Drew Willy was expected to be a sixth or seventh rounder the year before that, he also went undrafted.

Thomas benefited from a respectable showing combine and will have another chance to impress at UB's upcoming pro day. Right now he is still showing up as a mid to late seventh rounders on most Mock Draft boards.