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Buffalo's Hoops Season Mercifully comes to an end.

I don't know weather to laugh or cry. This was almost an exact repeat of last season. Finish the season with a weak loss, then play pretty well in the home first round, and then get bounced in the quarterfinals. We even got bounced in the same manner!

Fall very far behind with an awful first half, make a go of it but run out of gas. Any minute I fully expect to wake up to "I've Got you babe" straight out of Groundhog day!

The Bulls hit the boards too hard in the first half and Kent made them pay. The transition defense was terrible but the wheels really didn't come off until Watt got into foul trouble. The Bulls went from down 8 to down 14 within about four minutes.

But you cant blame the rotation for Filzen being absent or for Mulkey being our second leading scorer with just 8 points! 

So the season ends and there is no way that UB gets an invite *anywhere* given how they looked throughout February and march.

In this weeks MAC teleconference someone asked Coach Witherspoon what the biggest difference was between the first half and the second half of the MAC season. His answer then was the disparate number of home games betwen January and February. He gave the same answer tonight.

I'm sorry but I don't buy that. This team either ran out of gas because key players were getting too much time (Mulkey and FIlzen) or the resot of the conference, after one swing through, out game plans UB late in the season.

Number of the game: 49

Javon McCrea accounted for 49% of UB's offense. Yet he spent the last two minutes of the game on the bench. The really scary thing about this whole affair is that the Bulls proved that McCrea can be dominant and the team around him can't carry the weight when it really counts.