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Can the Bulls contain the Flashes?

If Coach Witherspoon is to take UB dancing for the first time this year he will have to start off Cleveland by knocking off the two time defending champions, Kent. The Bulls got to Cleveland by downing Central Michigan in a home playoff game. Something four teams from the east did (beat a team from the west at home)

UB lost to Kent State by three points just 14 days ago in a game they easily should have won. It was one of several late seasons disasters UB suffered. Solid lead at the half with a total collapse in the first 10 minutes of the second set. Earlier in the season UB handled Kent quite nicely in Amherst.

It doesn't matter what your record is and it's shown across the country now. ... Last year the ninth seed] won this tournament so it's about trying to get your team to be better that night." --CMU Coach Ernie Zigler

Kent is easily the best shooting team in the MAC. Their overall stat say 5th, but when you only look at games in conference they are the best at two's best at three's, and the second best team from the charity stripe. The flashes are not a team that should be allowed any space while on offense.

Given that I doubt you'll see too much zone from Buffalo. Coach Witherspoon may use it here and there as a change of pace, or if certain players are in foul trouble but UB is, and have been, a man to man team.

If you can fault Kent anywhere its in offensive rebounding. It's hard to see because they shoot so well but when they are off they don't do a very good job getting a second chance. 

They are quite a bit better on the defensive boards and better the Bulls when it comes to steals per game. Individually, they are led by Justin Greene and Rodriguez Sherman.

The Flashe are not the Champs by mistake. They are all around the best team in the conference with very few glaring weaknesses outside of rebounding. Javon McCrea, who was absent versus CMU, needs to be at his best form. He coul dbe the key guy so long a Filzen, Mulkey, and Watt  are their usual selves.