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Tell me why I should be excited for next year?

I read the Buffalo News article covering UB Football's season end press conference from both Warde Manual and Jeff Quinn. I have to say that I thank Warde for trying to empathize with very frustrated Bulls fan's over two terrible seasons. "Vice President and Athletic Director Warde Manuel shares many of the same frustrations as the average University at Buffalo football fan. He sees a one-game improvement over last season and deems it insufficient. He sees a midseason victory over Ohio, a team that's playing for the MAC championship Friday, and laments that the Bulls were unable to build upon it."

What bothers me over this article is the stale cliches that are being thrown around for the future. My question is this Warde? Is this program going to be a winning program again? If you really believe so, tell me exactly why. If you can't then more heat should have been lobied on Quinn. "Overall, I'm pleased with the progress," Manuel said. "I like the team, I like Jeff and I like the coaches and believe that they are moving it in the right direction. You see me at practice. I'm observing. I know what these guys are coaching. And I know what goes on in the mind-set of the student-athletes. They're prepared. They believe they're prepared. And we just haven't executed to the level that we need to." Huh? I don't get what Warde was trying to accomplish at this press conference.

You are pleased with the progress? Really? To go from a two win to a three win season where this team brought in a fifth year senior QB who saw time in the Big East is progress? Listen, I get it. Warde is not going to sit in front of the media and hammer his decision for head coach that he hand picked. But Warde, you have built a ton of loyality and trust with this fan base based on your honesty and integrity. I wanted more from you after two terrible seasons. Warde, tell me this, why are pleased with the progress? What do you see behind the scenes that the majority of fans can't see that compelled you to sit in front of the media and tell us this program is heading in the right direction? From that article I am taking away that YOU are happy where this program is heading.

Tell me anything. Just get me excited next season. What is it you see that I am totally missing and dreading another losing season. This will the third straight year under Coach Quinn where a change at QB will occur. That in college football is not a good thing. Lack of depth at WR will also be very tough for whoever will be under center next season. It will be a very long season for Braden Oiver if all UB has in it's arsenal is run Bo left, run Bo right, and run Bo up the middel.

Quin lost me forever after his wrestling type interview during the half time intermission vs. Bowling Green. To paraphrase, with Quinn fever, he basically stated we know what we have to do, we made the adjustments, and we are going to get it done. Really? How did that second half turn out vs. Bowling Green? Really how is next season going to play out.