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Tyler Grassman UB's Punter of the future?

Grassman in Action via <a href=""></a>
Grassman in Action via

The verbal commit of Tyler Grassman a kicker and punter out of Ohio hit the recruiting services today.

This would have been a far more interesting verbal several weeks ago before Patrick Clarke went on a late season tear pretty much ending the place kicking woes but it is still welcome news.

First you hate to have any one position, especially one are critical as your place kicker, hang out there with nobody to back them up. Kicking is one of those things which looks far less complicated than it really is. A kicker can tweak the wrong muscle and have their mechanics completely fail until the injury heals.

Secondly UB is losing their punter this season with the departure of Peter Fardon. Best to have a dedicated kicker and a dedicated punter.

Grasman, while scouted as a kicker and punter also served as his teams Quarterback. While he may not have been grabbing eyes as a signal caller he was pretty effective finishing the year with 1818 yards passing and 17 touchdowns against 8 interception.

How much room is there in the Buffalo Quarterback stable? Probably not enough for a guy you pick up as a punter.Still knowing that Quinn likes to run the occasional off the wall fake it's nice to think of a punter back there who can throw a tight pass.

His work in 2011 did get him some district awards. He was named the OCC-Ohio Player of the Year, 1st Team all district kicker, 1st team all conference Quarterback, and 1st Team all conference Kicker 2011.


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