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MAC Blogger Roundtable: Temple Football Forever

Macroundtableknights_mediumTime for this weeks round table. Rabid Temple fan, and Zebra hater Mike Gibson is running the show.

Gibson runs the site "Temple Football Forever" and has, at times, butted head with pretty much every other MAC blogger out there. He writes well, knows football, knows his team, and can be overwhelmed by passion.

Could you ask for a better combination of attributes in a fan blogger? You might disagree with him from time to time but you'll never wonder what he really thinks.

And don't worry he is just as likely to turn his rage against the Owls as he is the rest of the conference.

The same ragged cast of miscreants will be fielding questions from Gibson and each will, throughout the week, be putting their answers up on these sites:

Let's Go Rockets: Toledo

Eagle Totem: Eastern Michigan

Falcon Blog: Bowling Green

Red and Black Attack: Northern Illinois

The Chip Report: Central Michigan

Here are my answers:

1) So far, who is the overall MAC player of the year and why?

Player of the year is Chandler Harnish. The Huskies had two big letdowns since the season started (KU and CMU) even then his play was close to adaquate. No player in the league has been as consistent as Harnish.

The leadership really came through on the last drive against Toledo. His ability to run an offense was made as apparent as Tim Beckman's inability to use timeouts.

2) Who will make the biggest impact at the next level?

Could be Bernard Pierce if he ever manages to stay healthy.

Of the players making noise in the MAC he has the most draft friendly measurables. But like James Starks he might see his stock dip a bit if health concerns keep him from realizing his potential.

I still don't buy the "he's an early first round draft pick", and neither will the NFL scouts unless he can stay healthy for twelve or more straight games.

Like James Starks he will fall at least a round if he gets dinged up a bit in his senior year.

3) Of MAC games played so far, what final score has surprised you the most?

If you asked me at the begining of the season then I would say CMU knocking off NIU is the biggest surprise. Every other important 'upset' has been, in my opinion, a margin of error game. Ohio seems to have Temple's number, NIU got the best of Toledo, WMU was always a bit over rated and EMU was under rated. None of these games really 'shocked' me even if I expected them to go the other way.

Knowing what I know now? Buffalo taking down OU.

4) What is the best road tailgating experience you ever had in the MAC?

I don't get to a lot of road MAC games but from what I have heard CMU is the place to go on gameday.

5) Rank 'em, first to last

Team +/- Comment
NIU 1 Sure hope NIU's basketball team was there to see what a game with over 60 points looks like
Toledo -1 Sure hope Toledo's basketball team was there to see what a game with over 60 points looks like
Ohio 1 William Howe has nothing on Frank Solich, Three straight wins which devastate Temple's Chances at a MACC
Temple -1 Do you think the Owls have finally figured out who their Quarterback should be? Two weeks sooner and they lead the east
Ball State 3 Lembo for coach of the year? Easily the best hire of 2011.
EMU -1 Agonizing loss for the Eagles. Eastern Michigan literally has no room for error if they want to go Bowling
WMU -1 Getting to six wins should not be a problem, getting to seven, and a bowl, might be.
Miami 1 Solid, punishing performance over Akron, Miami is once again asserting itself late and once again they have a shot
BGSU -1 With NIU and Ohio still ahead it will be very difficult for the Rockets to separate themselves from other MAC teams hopeing to Bowl
Kent 1 They won the game nobody wanted to win, especially Central Michigans place kicker
CMU -1 This is what rebuilding looks like. Letting Kent move more on you than anyone all season.
Buffalo - They did not stink this week, they were off but that is something!
Akron - It gets batter for Akron, they still have a shot at Buffalo.