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Talking Bull: Spectrum Basketball Dump

Great series of articles by the Spectrum

The X-Files - Sports - The Spectrum - University at Buffalo
Ford, a freshman forward on the basketball team, worked a paper route with his grandfather, a man so hobbled by football injuries and surgeries he could barely walk. He worked Monday through Sunday, 365 days a year to help his family pay for food, rent and heat.

Bulls to Watch: Mitchell Watt - Sports - The Spectrum - University at Buffalo
Senior forward Mitchell Watt was a fan favorite last year, and his popularity prompted the nickname "Swatt." The moniker is much more than just a pun, however.

Buffalo Bulls: Underdogs or Soon-to-Be Champs? - Sports - The Spectrum - University at Buffalo
The men's basketball team has fans believing and foes trembling, but the squad still isn't garnering respect from the media. In this preseason Mid-American Conference poll, the Bulls were picked to finish ninth out of 12 teams, and second-last in the East division.

Bulls to Watch: Jarod Oldham - Sports - The Spectrum - University at Buffalo
The sophomore guard saw his minutes increase last year, when the young freshman was called in to provide defensive intensity and a spark off the bench. By the Bulls' Mid-American Conference tournament loss to Kent State, Oldham was getting huge minutes. He was one of the most athletic players on the court, but he still lacked veteran poise.

Matt Millen on The PSU situation

VIDEO: Penn State Scandal Gets Matt Millen Emotional On ESPN - From Our Editors -
ESPN brought Matt Millen on Sportscenter shortly after the New York Times reported that Joe Paterno was being forced out as head football coach at Penn State. Chris McKendry set him up with the news, let him go, and then Millen did what few other people have ever done on live television: he behaved like a human being thinking and acting in real time.

How Penn State Fans Can Remain Fans Despite The Sexual Abuse Scandal -
Hopefully, those responsible for Penn State's inability to report Jerry Sandusky's alleged sexual abuses will be gone from the program. And when that happens, its fans will have full license to return to the team they love.

Whatever you do *don't* hire this man to run your defense


Once again the Rockets give up more than 60 points. This time they won so 'no harm no foul' but question have to be asked at this point about the feasability of Toledo to beat someone who can at least slow down their offense.

Western Michigan Vs. Toledo: Rockets Win 66-63 Shootout -
Western Michigan and Toledo combined for 18 touchdowns and 1439 total yards of offense. They scored 129 points in 60 minutes, and lest you think there wasn't a shred of defense being played, they also combined for 10 turnovers, including two returned for touchdowns. But as far as Toledo is concerned, the only number that matters is the final score: 66-63.