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SBNation Blog Poll 25: Thinning of the herd

Cade Foster, welcome to the Scott Norwood support group. LSU Welcome to the undisputed number one spot in the Blog Poll.

Last night you saw the difference between the SEC and the Big 12. The difference, in case you missed it, is that Big 12 games are more fun to watch!

But the only real change in my top five was Alabama dropping from two to five. Meanwhile LSU's resume just keeps getting better. They have not beaten the number five and six team in my rankings.

the Tigers have to challenges left, Arkansas in week 13 and whoever makes it into the SEC Championship game.

Boise Watch:

The Bronco's are up against four other undefeated teams for that final slot they are:

Houston: Of no consequence. If they win out the might sniff the top 10 but wont get down much lower than that.

Oklahoma State: Almost got shocked by Kansas State last night, they still have to go against Oklahoma during the final week of the season.

Stanford: Next week is the big game. Stanford faces an Oregon team that has only been upended by LSU. A win would mvoe them post Oklahoma State into the number two slot.

LSU: One test left in Arkansas, who's only loss is to Alabama.

Battle of the Sun Belt Titans:

When Arkansas State and Louisiana Lafayette square off next week it will be for a spot on my Ballot. Right now I have the RedWolves at 25 but the Cajuns are just behind them.

Where's the MAC?

Well, for right now the MAC is nowhere. The conference has really been consuming itself lately. Toledo was making some noise until NIU outlasted them and Temple might have been getting attention if not for Ohio's certificate of ownership over the Owls.