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MAC Power Rankings: The Week of the Toss Up

With the exception of the Miami and Akron game each and every contest this week could have went either way. Not a great way to reshuffle the rankings but is was  the most entertaining football on television.

We learned that NIU and Toledo better pray that they don't face a hot defense for the rest of the year.

Ohio taught us that the "Owl-Gators" natural predator is the Bobcat.

CMU taught us how 'Rebuild' is spelled and Akron showed us that a new stadium does not a football program make.

Finally EMU and Ball State showed us that often its just the right coach missing as they played a fantastic game down to the wire.

Team Change Comment
NIU 1 Sure hope NIU's basketball team was there to see what a game with over 60 points looks like
Toledo -1 Sure hope Toledo's basketball team was there to see what a game with over 60 points looks like
Ohio 1 William Howe has nothing on Frank Solich, Three straight wins which devastate Temple's Chances at a MACC
Temple -1 Do you think the Owls have finally figured out who their Quarterback should be? Two weeks sooner and they lead the east
Ball State 3 Lembo for coach of the year? Easily the best hire of 2011.
EMU -1 Agonizing loss for the Eagles. Eastern Michigan literally has no room for error if they want to go Bowling
WMU -1 Getting to six wins should not be a problem, getting to seven, and a bowl, might be.
Miami 1 Solid, punishing performance over Akron, Miami is once again asserting itself late and once again they have a shot
BGSU -1 With NIU and Ohio still ahead it will be very difficult for the Rockets to separate themselves from other MAC teams hopeing to Bowl
Kent 1 They won the game nobody wanted to win, especially Central Michigans place kicker
CMU -1 This is what rebuilding looks like. Letting Kent move more on you than anyone all season.
Buffalo - They did not stink this week, they were off but that is something!
Akron - It gets batter for Akron, they still have a shot at Buffalo.