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Talking Bull: When Bloggers Attack!

Original_mediumWhen you're really passionate about something a blog post can go either really well, or really badly. I had my own experience with this several weeks back after the Temple game. As a fan I was ready to grab anyone I could and start "". I ended up running a piece that I should not have run. Scott (ChiTown) Called me on it, and he was right.

Blogging is a whole lot harder than it looks kids. I can't even imagine how much harder it might be if I bothered with the niceties of proper spelling and punctuation. By trade I work with code, scripts, and configuration files which do not, at any point, contain a proper English Sentence.

That, combined with level five frustration over the performance of the team give me some understanding of Mike Gibson an actual journalist who also runs the site Temple Football Forever. He is a pretty good guy, and I really enjoy his stuff but he can, at times, come completely unhinged. Like after the Ohio Game..

Temple Football Forever: Hosed in Ohio
Look, the MAC is a fine conference and it is hard enough to win these games on merit. It's impossible to do so when the field is tilted so heavily in the direction of the old-line MAC teams against the newcomer. I don't care if it's the Big East or Conference USA, the time to get out of this hick conference is now.

He has a real gripe on the officiating, it was awful. Brazil probably should have been called for celebration going into the end zone, and the TD pass was probably not really secured in bounds.

The problems starts when you begging to see black helicopters with the MAC emblem hovering over every Temple game. There is no greater MAC conspiracy about Keeping Temple down. Temple did not make a bowl last season because there were too many teams from the MAC eligible and Temple lost to three of them.

The paranoia leads to disdain for a conference which *saved* Temple football. Gibson, who claims to love the MAC, seems to have no respect for the conference. He shows no care for "our pathetic bowls" or the weather of the late season games.

Being married teaches you one thing, you can't love without respect.

Thankfully as the Big East drama has unfolded and left Temple by the wayside many Temple fans have reaffirmed the fact that they like being in the MAC. It's ok to want to be in an AQ Conference, there is no MAC team that would turn it down, but its possible to move up without being disgusted by your current conference.

I'd rather watch EMU take on Ball State!

Yea yea, two big bad SEC teams go at it. It's the BCS thunderdome. Personally I'm more interested in seeing the Eagle's try to hit six wins (they need seven for a Bowl).

Alabama Vs. LSU, The Historical: The Bear And The Chinese Bandits -
The 1958 Alabama vs. LSU game was the first time the Crimson Tide were led by Paul W. Bryant on the sideline, as well as the unveiling of the Tiger's "Chinese Bandit" defense that would lead them to a National Championship.

Welcome the Broncos!

I have to admit after seeing their buyout figure for the MWC (21 Million) I am surprised Boise makes this move.

Idaho State Board of Education gives Boise St. OK to join Big East - ESPN
The Idaho State Board of Education has given Boise State permission to pursue membership with the Big East Conference, a move that would mean more revenue and give the Broncos a clear path to the Bowl Championship Series.

But the Bronco's are more choosers than beggars!

Unlike most teams getting AQ invited Boise is laying down some conditions.

Big East Expansion: Boise State Wants Western Partner, Division In New Conference -
Kustra said it was important that the Boise State have a "Western partner" in the new-look Big East, which is planning to split into two six-team divisions. The league is planning to invite Boise State, Air Force and Navy for football only and add Central Florida, Houston and SMU in all sports. Kustra said under the current plan Boise State would be in a Western Division with Air Force, Houston, SMU, Louisville and Cincinnati.

It's always OK when you do it:

WVU made an agreement, they signed it, and expected other to hold to the agreement. Then the Big12 came calling. Irony thy name is Mountaineer!

VIDEO: Rich Rodriguez Enjoying West Virginia's Legal Troubles - From Our Editors -
Rodriguez, you'll recall, left WVU to take over the Michigan Wolverines, claiming West Virginia had failed to keep promises it had made to upgrade the program's facilities and recruiting powers. The Eers demanded Rodriguez pay his $4 million buy-out fee, since a contract's a contract.

PAY: Give (someone) money that is due for work done, goods received, or a debt incurred:

NCAA stipend not a lean toward 'pay for play', President Mark Emmert says - ESPN
Emmert says the stipend bears no comparison to offering a salary to a student-athlete, essentially making him or her a paid employee of the university.

Technically Emmert is right. This is not a lean toward "Pay for Play" it *is* pay for play! Other than Books, Food, Shelter, and Tuition what exactly are the costs of going to college?

Alumni is about to get a good scoreboard:

Renovations at Alumni Arena Sure to Make Fans Happy - Sports - The Spectrum - University at Buffalo
Beginning in late-May, Alumni Arena started undergoing some major renovations in order to bring the structure up to the standard of competing schools. The approximately $6.5 million dollar project is a collaboration between UB Athletics, Planning & Design, and UB Facilities.

Which is good because this is NOT a good sign:

Bengals Give Bulls a Scare in Opening Exhibition Game - Sports - The Spectrum - University at Buffalo
It was just an exhibition on the schedule, but losing to Buffalo State would have been a catastrophe for the women's basketball team. The Bengals play in Division-III, but falling to them seemed to be a distinct possibility for much of the game.