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Who the heck are we playing: Dayton

Its been a rough off season for Dayton. After falling short in the A-10 Conference tournament the Flyers got punted in the first round of the NIT by Charlston. Then, right afterward two of their starters Juwan Staten and Brandon Spearman transferred to  West Virginia. Then head coach Brian Gregory took up a job at at Georgia Tech.

In short Dayton is not the team this year that is has been in years past but still offers UB a crack at putting a "Quality win" on their resume. There are some who argue the talent lost was not worth the strife they caused in the locker room. While their roser might jump off the page like last seasons

To be honest I did not really follow the A10 last season so its hard to tell if the griping about Coach Gregory, Juwan Staten, and Brandon Spearman are sour grapes or if they were all, in their own way, holding Dayton Back a bit. Because of that Dayton Is half orange and half red on the Buffalo Hoops Alert system


If the Flyers are 'better off' without Staten and Spearman than this is a code red game. It's an A10 school, on the road, early in the year. I have been following this team long enough to see some real hairballs coughed up in that situation.

If, however, it's all sour grapes than Buffalo should be able to win this, despite being on the road, and its a code Orange game.

This is the first ever meeting between the two schools

Saturday, November 30, 2011
Venue UD Arena
Opponent Dayton
Conference Atlantic 10
2011 Record 7-9 (22-14) Round 1 NIT Loss
All Time Head to Head First Ever Meeting

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