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MAC Blogger Roundtable: Fire Up Chips

MAC Blogger Round Table
MAC Blogger Round Table

Today's words to live by:

"It's always Darkest Just before it goes pitch black"

Surely this applies to UB Football 2011. Last season, going into the final week of the season, Buffalo had a chance to salvage something by knocking off winless Akron. Instead we were the Zips "moment of triumph" last year and sadly it could happen again (except for the final week of the season part).

It's really too bad UB is so awful this year because the Parity in the MAC is just blinding.

BSU almost took it to NIU and while the loss makes a bowl game unlikely for Ball State its is not impossible. Pretty much every blogger on the round table has something to cheer for in these last few weeks, well everyone except for me and "The Chip Report".

While all the other bloggers will be tuning in to see how their hunt for a bowl, or division, will shake out Mike from TCR will be tuning in just because he bleeds maroon. I know how he feels watching the team you love get beaten like a bongo at an occupy event is the true test of any fan.

So hats off to this weeks facilitator, be sure to pop by TCR and all the other MAC bogs to see what they are cooking up as football winds down.

Red and Black Attack: Northern Illinois

Eagle Totem: Eastern Michigan

Falcon Blog: Bowling Green

Let's Go Rockets: Toledo

Temple Football Forever: Temple

The Chip Report: Central Michigan

1) CMU's head coach, Dan Enos, complained about his team's schedule and playing 3 conference games in 12 days.  Give your opinions on why lopsided MAC scheduling continues to happen.

We all know the reason, it's because of TV exposure. The MAC makes their week to week schedule and they let ESPN pick who plays what nights. You don't think ESPN would let the MAC decides who gets prime coverage on ESPN8, the ocho, do you?

Personally I don't have a problem with three games in 12 days, its not *that* much worse than three in 14 days which is the norm. The only time I think it would be an issues is if you're putting a team that has three in twelve against someone coming off a bye for that third game.
2) Do these basketball scores Toledo and NIU have been putting up reflect positively or negatively on the MAC?

The biggest thing is that these games are fun to watch. Weather it's 63-60, 10-7, or 28-31 close back and forth games make for good TV.

If I were a Toledo fan I might be a bit worried about my defense going into bowl season, but other than that whats the problem?
3) What are your thoughts on the weekday, ESPN MAC schedule?  Does TV exposure outweigh attendance?

Let's face it weekend games are not, for the most part, pulling in twenty five thousand students so why get hung up over thirteen thousand or nine thousand at the game. Neither looks good for the conference but one is media exposure and the other cost 6$ if you want to watch it on one of the schools All Access channels.

When MAC Squads all start averaging nearly thirty thousand a game, and at least 20K per game for conference games, then you can start to ask "is it worth it". Until then you have to consider than ten thousand fans showing up at a November game is a gross take of about one hundred thousand dollars at most MAC schools, not very big money to lose compared to the TV contract.

Buffalo has had no weeknight games and it has not lead to a surge in attendance over last season. Yea we also sucked last year so I can make that comparison.
4) What play has made the biggest difference (positive or negative) in your respective team's season?

Two stick out as potential game changers.

The first is the missed extra point in the waning moments of the Northern Illinois Game. The Bulls ahd come back, had the Huskies on the ropes, and blew the one play in football that should be automatic. A win there and then, perhaps, Miami or EMU goes a bit better.

The other was an end zone interception against Connecticut. UB;s defense was holding UConn, the offense was moving and the Bulls could have taken them down, at home, but a bad pass turned the game away from Buffalo. That game really hurt attendance in the following weeks.
5) Rank em'

NIU - Two home games against mid level MAC teams statnd between NIU and the West
Toledo - In addition to needing NIU to trip up, they need to win two on the road
Ohio - It's a mixed bag for Ohio, but if they win the east they will do it with Back to Back ESPN Games
Temple - Temple needs a ton of help to win the East. The Owls need to beat Kent and have Ohio to lose to Miami
Ball State - Ball State got no help from Buffalo today. The Cards draw NIU and Toledo and are tied with EMU who gets Kent / NIU
EMU - EMU is one win away from being Bowl eligible, two away from almost guaranteeing themselves a bowl
WMU - They finish with an almost a give me against Akron. But before that they need to get by Zach Dysert
Miami - They have to win out to get to 6-6 and the draw WMU and Ohio, that loss to Temple may have ended their season
BGSU - One tough test against Ohio and one east game against Buffalo.
Kent - Yes even Kent has a shot at 6-6, They draw EMU and Temple.
CMU - First of the 'better luck next year teams'. Had several flashes of solid play but inconsistent.
Buffalo - Looking at the worlds biggest pillow fight next week where a loss could light Jeff Quinns Chair on Fire
Akron - In the past two season Akron has defeated just one FBS team, and they get a crack at them again next week