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Talking Bull: BYU to the Rescue?

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The Big East is harder to kill than John McClane. Just when you think you've left them tied to a bomb in the middle of the ocean they pull a piece of steel cable out of their arm and escape. First it was Syracuse and Pitt, then it was the infighting between the hoops and football schools, finally it was West Virginia.

They may not be the most attractive, stable, functional, or powerful AQ conference but damn they can take a beating! Don't believe me? Just ask ESPN. They are reporting that BYU is now considering a football only membership in the once 'dead' football entity.

BYU Cougars seriously considering Big East for football, source says - ESPN
BYU is seriously considering joining the Big East Conference as a football member, a Big East source told ESPN's Joe Schad on Tuesday night.

That would give the Big "East" a western footprint that makes up Boise, Houston, SMU, Boise, and Air Force. Several good markets there and some very good football.

Mid Week MAC Offense!

If you're going to play mid week games when kids are in class at least make them fun to watch right?

The Numerical, Week 12: Field Goals Are Worth Three Points -
4,088: Total yards from scrimmage gained in four mid-week MAC games last week. Toledo gained a ridiculous 804 in their 66-63 win over Western Michigan, but they still almost lost because a) WMU gained 635, and b) Toledo turned the ball over six times. Of the four games, the lowest yardage total (and per-play average) belonged to Temple, who 'only' gained 310 yards (5.1 per play). Bowling Green gained 334, Central Michigan 427, Miami (Ohio) 428, Ohio 527 and Northern Illinois 623. That's eight "games" and more yards than 24 teams are on pace to gain in 12 games of their own.

Turner Kill Hot Seat Watch

The Alphabetical, Week 12: Chip Kelly Will Eat Anything You Leave On The Counter -
Q is for Querencia. The portion of a bullfighting arena where a bull makes his stand. Kansas knew they were on the ropes: desperate, needing a two-point conversion to complete a long comeback with an overtime victory, and lining up with a running back averaging well over six yards a carry. Dramatically, Turner Gill pounded the earth with his hoof, reared up, and...and called up a fade that had its own death certificate stamped on the side as soon as it came out of quarterback Jordan Webb's hand. The Curse of Mangino claimed former AD Lou Tepper Perkins. Now it claims Turner Gill, who in response will lose his composure and say, "Darn it."

Will Happy Valley Turn "Urban", Arizona sure wont!

Urban Meyer Declines Arizona Offer, Denies Penn State Reports -
Former Florida Gators coach Urban Meyer met with officials at the University of Arizona last week to discuss their vacant head football coaching job but declined the offer, according to the New York Times.

Buffalo Sports:

Ostrowski and Ozkan Anchor Buffalo Bulls Line
The University of Buffalo football team has had a trying season. They went on the road and lost for the eighth time this year as Eastern Michigan took them, 30-17. They have only played EMU five times in history and dropped all of them. On the year, the Bulls are now 2-8 with two games left. There have been some bright spots though.

One Day, Four Losses - Sports - The Spectrum - University at Buffalo
It only took one day for Buffalo to lose its first four matches of the season at the "Wrestle for a Cure" duals in Harrisburg, Penn. The Bulls went up against Old Dominion, Navy, Lock Haven, and Utah Valley in consecutive dual meets. The Bulls put up a solid fight in every match, but lost 24-15, 21-15, 17-16, and 19-12 respectively to their competition.

Volleyball Team Sets Sights on 2012 - Sports - The Spectrum - University at Buffalo
Although the Bulls (11-19, 4-12 MAC) struggled throughout most of the season and had very little success recently, they still positioned themselves to salvage the eighth and final playoff spot pending road wins over Ohio (20-9, 12-3 MAC) and Kent State (12-9, 5-11 MAC). But the Bulls had their playoff hopes dashed away as both teams swept them.

A Tale of two Teams - Sports - The Spectrum - University at Buffalo
uffalo fans had no idea what to expect of the 2011-12 women's basketball team heading into the squad's first two games. Following those games, people still don't know what to expect. Two different Bulls teams showed up on Friday and Monday.

Attention UB Students - 2nd Annual UB Fall Crawl - Buffalo Athletics
Your chance to win FREE Tuition for half of a semester and other great prizes!