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Bulls hope to chew up the Big Red

Cornell is moving along with their rebuilding. They finished off an abysmal 2010 bye winning six of their last nine contest. Then last week they gave Saint Bonaventure, one of the better big 4 teams, all they could handle in their own arena.

Their second year coach seems to be moving things along, and the folks over at 'The Cornell Basketball Blog' are  rather high on Courtney but realistic about the work ahead.

Bill Courtney is very affable and is a real "player's coach."  But he has a tremendous challenge in front of him.  The 2010 Cornell team that finished No. 17 in the country and advanced to the Sweet Sixteen, graduated eight seniors, including two former Ivy League Player of the Year award winners (Ryan Wittman in 2010 and Louis Dale in 2008).  So, Bill has a team is in a rebuilding mode.  He is just starting his second year in the program and will need a few seasons to get his system fully in place and to revitalize the program with new recruits.  So far, the signs are he has the ship headed in the right direction.  Fans and supporters of the program need patience.  The Cornell Basketball Blog

They could not keep up in the second half but even short handed, and with a new coach, the Big Read went into the half only down by two. They avoided making the same mistake tonight when they stopped a Binghamton Run, and answered back with their own last night in their home opener.

One thing that is holding back the Big Red is injuries. The number of guys banged up, and the caliber of those players, could really get Cornell off to a slow stat this year.

It is hard to gauge Cornell's performance against St. Bonaventure, especially considering the team was without its second leading returning scorer, Errick Peck, a 6'6" forward out with an injury.  Peck is arguably Cornell's best interior player and an athletic finisher around the rim. -- The Cornell Basketball Blog

To fill the gap new coach Bill Courtney has had to lean on the freshman. The fans at the Cornell Basketball Blog believe that "Shonn Miller distinguishing himself".  And given the stat line there is no way to argue with them. Against Saint Bonaventure finished with 7 points and 4 rebounds in 20 minutes, on a 3/3 shooting performance.  He had 1 turnover, but also recorded 1 block and 1 steal.

In some ways he is shaping up to be Cornell's Javon McCrea. A freshman forward who comes off the bench to spark the team and will often put up numbers that make you wonder why he is not starting.

On the other side of the age spectrum is senior Chris Wroblewski.

Chris Wroblewski is Cornell's catalyst.  He is a four-year starter as a combo guard and a repeat All Ivy League selection.  He did not have a great game against Bonaventure, but we expect him to get back on track this week. -- Cornell Basketball Blog