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SBNation BlogPoll 25: Boise 'Kicked' out of Championship Contention

Once again Boise had a chance to go undefeated and stake their claim and, for the second year in a row, the Bronco's missed a field goal in the final seconds.

This makes things way easier for the flesh and blood component of the BCS system to knock the Bronco's out of the picture.

Coupled with a Standford loss to Oregon it also makes the disturbing possibility of a one two finish by SEC teams LSU and Alabama even more likely.

I myself, no fan of the SEC, have a lot of trouble putting Alabama outside of the top three. Factor in Arkansas at Six and Georgia at ten and there could easily be three or more SEC teams trying to lay claim to that number two spot before all is said and done.

The real winner last weekend is Houston, who damn well better be sending a fruit basket to Dan Goodale.

That kick does not move the Cougars above the Bronco's but Houston still has games against Tulsa who is getting votes and, presumably, a ranked southern miss.

If Houston wins out, and Southern Miss and Tulsa pull their weight, then the Cougars go into bowl Picture as a top ten team, and the highest ranked non AQ in the picture.

Aside from getting the cats bird seat in the Mountain West TCU also moves up five spots into the top 20. Save a slow start against Baylor and against SMU and the Horned Frogs might be a top five team this season.

Conference USA has three teams on my Ballot. I've already talked about Houston and Mentioned Southern Miss but with three losses to top ten teams, and only those three losses, Tulsa sneaks into the 25 spot ahead of Baylor.

Losing to KU or needing a 21 point comeback to the JayHawks is an automatic disqualifier, otherwise I would have Baylor in the top 25.

Notice the complete lack of Big East teams, unless you count Boise and Houston. The top teams there are eating each other and none of them did enough out of conference to cancel out the general parity in that conference.

What about the MAC? Well the afore mentioned 'Kansas Rule' is keeping NIU out and with the Huskies out its hard to Justify Toledo who lost twice to great teams, once very good mid major, and once to Big East refs.