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UB vs EMU Thoughts

Overall Thoughts

It was just about a month ago that I sat here, defending Coach Quinn and the team. I looked at the bigger picture, and I saw some winnable games on the schedule. I also saw a team that I thought was getting better as the season went on. With 2 games left in the season, and a team that appears to be on the decline, I am begnining to lose all interest. Yea, our last two games are games that we should be able to win, but really what is a win against Akron going to tell us? Akron is the only team in the MAC, and possibly the NCAA, that has been just as bad as us the past couple years. It's time for Coach Quinn to stop stroking his ego, and sit Chazz, ending his collegiate career. While I stand by the fact that Chazz was the right choice to start, there is no point for him to play. Let Zordich finish the season off. Let him gain some confidence against the MAC powerhouses that are Akron and Bowling Green.


Quick EMU game shoutouts

- Props to Branden BO Oliver who continues to play hard, and put up a great season.

-Shoutout the the EMU fans for knowing how bad we are, so they didnt even bother showing up to the game. Seriously though, how can there attendance be so bad? Its pretty sad actually..

- uhmmm, yeah thats about it as far as good things went yesterday


Final Thoughts


It was hard watching this game. Even when we scored to take the lead in the 4th quarter, I didnt even find myself that happy or overjoyed. I had no confidence in the team to hold the lead, and that sucks as a fan. Thinking back earlier in the season, in our game vs Ohio I was estatic the whole game. I was literally jumping up and down every score we had. I was giving cheers to a computer screen! I was having fun more then anything. Watching UB is unfortuantely not fun right now. It sucks