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Bull Run Fan Stampede


Some of the guys wanted to throw up a stampede this week, so here it is.

1) Try to close your eyes and picture 2006 and 2007. Are you seeing anything this year that resembles those seasons?

2010: Having a solid running game.  In 2006 and 2007 we had a QB who look promising in Willy and right now I am not sure if we have that.

We also had Willy taking his lumps and becoming acclimated to the speed and his receivers.  Season was 2 -12 and they also played three

Teams that ended up in the top 20.  Had close losses like this year as well.  2008 had five wins but also played Syracuse and Baylor tough

And lost to two teams in the top 20.  You could see the team in 2007 in Turners second year making big gains and starting to believe.

I would have loved to see five wins this year and showing marked improvements.  I do not see 8 wins like 2008.

BCBull: We're running the ball well again this year. A hallmark of the Willy-Starks offense was that Willy rarely had to take over a game like Maynard ended up doing because Starks was good for a positive gain on almost every snap. The drives this year remind me alot of those years; less desperation heaving the ball all over the field, a little more solid gains from the running backs.

BRJACR: Honestly, no.  2006 and 2007, you got the feeling that something good was happening.  This year, Im not going to say there is no good feeling, but it feels more like just a constant losing status quo.  I haven't really seen to much to be excited for next year, yet.  I think thats one of the things Ive been asking for, show me why I should be excited for 2012.

ChiTown: The only real comparison I can think of is a young, up and coming secondary that has a load of potential. In 06 /07 it was Shannon, Thomas, Cook and crew. Now it is Lester, Johnson, Houston and crew. I think this secondary can be very special for us, much like Shannon and them were.

2) With Neutz and Jackson out who do you think makes a name that has not been at all a factor this season?

2010: Means and Mack.  They have to dominate this game and make it close.

BCBull: I'd love to see Saron Hood get some pub. It's nothing more than a hunch, but he's a junior who hasn't really broken through in his time year. This may be an opportunity for him.

BRJACR: Possibly Devon Hughes, only because he know has the role of punt catch.., doh!! I mean punt returner.  So maybe he will be alittle more jazzed up for the games.

ChiTown: Free Lee will step up the last few games, and make a name for himself. He has gotten limited playing time, but it is his time to play now. He has a great set of hands, so he should get a solid opportunity to play a lot down the stretch.

3) I'm interested in your thoughts on the two thousand dollar 'stipend' that conference can now give to their athletes. Good or bad and why?

ChiTown: I dont see a huge difference. Athletes have everything given to them as it is. All this stipend will due is create a built in excuse for the schools when the kids get caught with free things, such as books or clothes. Things that shouldn't be made a huge deal as it is, but are will now be made irrelevant because of the stipend.

BRJACR: Terrible Idea.  How much more does a college athlete have to get beyond a free education.  The only thing this will do, is make the gap between the haves and have nots even wider than it already is.  Gee, I can go to school X because they are willing (ability) to pay me $2000, and school Y doesnt.

BCBull: I am not okay with this 'stipend'. It will only widen the gap between the big-money conferences with huge media contracts and fanbases and the smaller, more regional conferences. I don't think I need to write three paragraphs on that.

2010: Good.  Listen, athletes get free schooling, clothing, food, and shelter.  That is pretty sweet.  But they also not able to work for pocket change in the off season. Many students do not come from backgrounds where parents can put $2,000 in a bank account.  The scholarship is a blessing and without the scholarship would not have the opportunity to be in class.  Giving the athletes some money during college really helps.  Helps to put gas in a car, helps to have some Sort of social life, and etc.

4) Speaking of money, what are your thoughts on the new Big East? Is this a conference that has any kind of staying power or is this just life support

2010: The Big East will stay because it has major TV markets in its backyard.  Let’s get everyone off this fairy tale that UB will be a part of this conference. Financially UB will never step to the plate to take a run at the Big East.

BCBull: Life support. It looks more like the awful, time-zone spanning 16-team conference from the mid 90s that split into the MWC and the WAC than a BCS conference. I'd be shocked if the Big East still has a BCS spot in 8 years. Unless the rules change (thanks to some lawsuits), of course.

BRJACR: To be perfectly honest, with everything going on at Penn State right now, I have no idea what is going on with the rest of the college football world.  Id assume that the University of Guam and Tiimbuktu State are know part of the Big East?

ChiTown: As a DePaul University student, I am not a huge fan of the Big East changes, considering the basketball side of things will be going downhill in the near future. The Big East will still be a top basketball conference, but it will not be a unanimous number 1 conference anymore. From a football perspective, the conference got better. Boise and possibly BYU are great additions to the Big East. In that regard, the changes were positive.

5) EMU Game: Who needs to step up, that has not, on defense to slow down the Eagles.

ChiTown: Who doesn't have to step up? Everyone has to bring at least their B game if we want to win. That includes the players and the staff. More specifically on the defensive end, how about a Steven means sack? I haven't seen on in awhile and I would love to see it. I'd also like to one of our young corners pick up a INT.

BRJACR: the defense

BCBull: The Run Defense. The Eagles' top 3 rushers all have over 500 yards and 4.7+ yards per carry, and their 4th-leading rusher has 393 and 7.3. They have too many weapons on the ground for UB to just try to take away the pass.

2010: Pass rush.  They only way to win this game is to disrupt EMU.  Make the day just miserable and take time away.  The only way to win will be to get some turn overs and that starts up front. 

6) Was 'the chazz man' worth it? 

2010: No.  Not sitting with two victories.  Yes, it would have been absolutely an abomination if Chazz was not part of the team this year escept that at least we would have seen if UB has a QB that can lead this team for three years.  Right now, we have no clue and with QB’s who have zero experience.  A year without playing takes you right back to square one.

The problem goes back to  such a giant step back next year at the QB and the most important position on the field.  It could be another 2 win season next year and not the magical 2008 in Turner’s third year. 

BCBull: Yes. It shows that Quinn's offence can (sometimes) work. Plus I believe that a veteran presence helps bring the younger guys along better than everybody sucking hard together might.

BRJACR: You mean the Chazz-periment.  Nope.  .500 is out the window.  If he was so special to come in here and start imediately, .500 should have been an attainable goal with him at QB.  If UB can run the table, BIG IF, 5-7 would have been alright with someone like Zordich at the helm.  But thats not what happened.  Is it fair to hold Chazz to that standard, I dont know, but with the fanfare he got coming in, thats the standard I set.

ChiTown: In hindsight, obviously no the chazz man was not worth it. I still think though, that he was the right choice at the time. He gave us the best chance to win, so he played. Thats that.