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Talking Bull: Penn State Links


The Penn state scandel that toppled Joe Paterno is a perfect storm that has been brewing for more than a decade. While Paterno is the most notable causality he is not the sole, or even the most responsible party.

Timeline Penn State scandal - Associated Press Interactive

The Reported riots last night were pretty tame, so claims Andy Staples

VIDEO: Penn State Riots Not Really Riots, Andy Staples Informs CNN - From Our Editors -
Wednesday night, CNN and ESPN were both put in awkward positions. The former had excellent on-the-spot coverage and was bringing in commenters from various fields, but was taking the Penn State student demonstration entirely too seriously. There was the threat somebody could get hurt, of course, and some kids were genuinely mad. But for the most part, these sports fans were just having dumb fun.

There were counter protesters out last night, with no clashes between them you can grasp that things were not as out of hand as advertised:

PHOTO: Penn State Students, Protesting The Protest -
Not all Penn State students took to the streets of State College Wednesday night to protest the firing of a football coach who didn't stop child abuse from happening under his watch. While a TV news van was flipped, street lights came down, and this guy failed to contribute, more than one PSUer showed up to point out the reason Joe Paterno had to be fired.

The Best time to deliver bad news:

If you are an AD over a team that has committed recruiting violations you need to resign. Can you pick a better day than the one on which Joe Paterno is fired?

UCF Knights accused of recruiting violations; AD resigns, men's basketball coach suspended - ESPN
Central Florida athletic director Keith Tribble resigned Wednesday after the NCAA alleged that a recruiter for a sports agency and an associate committed recruiting violations in the football and men's basketball programs, including paying tuition and travel expenses for players and recruits.

Buffalo Football

Quinn says he's worried about 2011, not 2012 - UB Football - The Buffalo News
Quinn noted Tuesday that by winning the final three games UB would finish .500 in conference and match the program's second-highest victory total (five) in the modern Division I era. He has no plans to makes changes with an eye on next season.

If Coach Quinn wants to go for a 5-7 season rather than start to break in our future Quarterback that is, of course, his prerogative. I just don't want to hear excuses next season about young Quarterbacks with no experience.

Buffalo Hoops

The Ink on Stan Wier's LOI has dried, and UB's team is looking very good next season.

East Aurora’s Stan Wier Signs National Letter of Intent to Attend UB - Buffalo Athletics
University at Buffalo men's basketball head coach Reggie Witherspoon has announced the signing of Stan Wier to a National Letter of Intent. The 6-3, 215-lb. guard will join the Bulls beginning in the 2012-13 season.