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MAC Blogger Roundtable: Let's Go Rockets



This week "Let's Go Rockets" is running the table. Here are my answers to his questions, and don't forget to check out the other MAC blogs taking part.

Eagle Totem: Eastern Michigan

Falcon Blog: Bowling Green

Red and Black Attack: Northern Illinois

Temple Football Forever: Temple

The Chip Report: Central Michigan

1.As we enter the final month of the regular season for most teams, what piece has been missing from your respective team?  Can adjustments be made in the remaining schedule to fix it?

Consistent play from the offense. It may not have made a difference this past week with how Dysert lit us up but it would have been huge against Ball State, UConn, and NIU. In all of those games, even the high scoring ones, the Bulls offense took whole quarters off.

A lot of that is probably the line and sadly I don't think the line is something you can fix as the year goes on. Either you have it fixed by the time conference play starts or its a long year.

2.How do you feel about the new uniforms in college football this season?  Seems like teams are rolling out throwbacks and unveiling special uniforms for certain games.  Should the MAC hop on board with this trend?

I don't get the whole uniform infatuation, I think of it as a curiosity not really a conference benefit.

Special Uniforms are the biggest waste, no matter how you dress up Maryland they are awful watch and no matter how you dress up Oregon they are amazing. I suppose a throw back uniform for a long time rivalry like Toledo / Bowling Green might be cool.

3. If you were creating an ideal MAC team using the offensive, defensive, special teams, and coaching portions of current MAC teams, list the components of your powerhouse combination.

The offense of Toledo, the Defense of Temple and the special teams of anyone but Buffalo!

For Coaches how do you not go with Beckman from Toledo

4.  What one player on your team has the best chance of making an NFL roster?

Right now I would say Khalil Mack. Some other guys will do great things in college but they don't measure up, literally, for the NFL.

Branden Oliver is a perfect example. The guy is a stud, plays every play hard, gets stronger as games go on, and has a real chance to start breaking some of Starks records this season. But he makes Steve Tasker look like he is built for the NBA.

5. Rank ‘em

# Team Change Comment
1 Toledo - And on the 9th Week They Rested
2 NIU 1 And on the 9th Week They Rested
3 TEMPLE 1 And on the 9th Week They Rested
4 Ohio 2 And on the 9th Week They Rested
5 EMU 2 And on the 9th Week They Rested
6 WMU 2 Solid Win Against Ball State, the west might not be withing shooting range but a bowl is not
7 Ball State -2 Hard loss, and not one the Cards can afford in the log jam that is the MAC West
8 BGSU -6 How do you come out an shut down Temple one week and lose to kent the next?
9 Miami 2 Miami is back to being in control of their own destiny but they hardest conference part of their schedule is yet to come.
10 CMU -1 Enos and company nearly pulled a loss even worse than Bowling Greens, thank Chips for misses two point.
11 Kent 1 Kent Scored more points against Bowling Green than they have through the rest of October.
12 Buffalo -2 Just when the Bulls take a half step forward they trip flat on their face.
13 Akron - Gutsy call at the end of regulation by iCoach, It's a shame it did not work out but at least Akron was in the game