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MAC Power Rankings: Top teams not named Ohio take care of Business

After this week its hard to really move anyone other than Buffalo or Ohio.

Toledo, Temple, Western Michigan, and Northern Illinois just demolished their opponents. No one top teams beating looked more or less impressive than the others.

The teams that they beat were all lower ranked conference foes so the flip side is who do you move down?

Thankfully Buffalo shocked Ohio. That both satisfies me as a UB fan and allows me to shake something up in the rankings.

The Bobcats fall two spots and Buffalo climbs that same number.

EMU Falls a spot for getting destroyed by Toledo and Miami falls a spot because, well, I needed to move UB more than one spot for taking out the Bobcats.

Bowling Green only falls one because WMU is quickly becoming my favorite to win the west.

Ohio falls only one because Bowling Green has not caught on to the fact people really, really, like to run against them.

I don't quite know what to do with Ball State. One week they look great and the next Temple is beating them like a drum. Temple is a very solid favorite for the east so I won't ding them quite yet.

Team Change Comment
Toledo - So far this season the rockets have lost to teams who are a combined 11-5 and were competitive for most of those games
Temple - Maybe Coach D has learned his lesson. 350 on 62 carries shows he might be ready to accept the fact he has no Quarterback
WMU - Not to be outdone by Temple the Broncos put up 351 yards on just 42 carries. WMU should easily hit eight wins this season
NIU 2 Way to recover this week. Last weeks loss to CMU put them behind the eight ball, especially with WMU up next
Ohio -1 Congratulations Ohio, you're the first FBS team with a winning record to fall to Buffalo since Ball State did in the 2008 MACC
BGSU -1 Bowling Green continues to be completely inept when it comes to stopping the run.
Ball State - How much of that was Temple looking for blood and how much was Ball State being overrated?
CMU - Hard to ding the Chips for losing to an ACC team when they were in the game the whole time.
Buffalo 2 Branden Oliver is on pace to set several UB single season records this year. If the Offense and Defense both play a full game they are scary
Miami -1 Beating Army might have helped them hold their position if not for Buffalo Beating OU. Dysert seems to be returning to form.
EMU -1 When Toledo is firining on all cylinders thay can do that to just about anyone, ask Temple.
Kent - Against FBS opposition Kent is averaging 7.8 points per game. The new era is not starting well
Akron - Decent firs half against FIU today. That late 4th Quarter touchdown might have just cost Akron their first (IA) Out of Conference win under iCoach