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Nobody Expects the Bull Run Inquisition! BobCatAttack

Buffaloinquisition2_mediumIt's time again for the Bull Run Inquisition!

Thank goodness were through out of conference play. It's time to stop playing with the proprietors of Big East and SEC sites and time to start interrogating some of the fine MAC sites out there.

While there is no Ohio Bobcats blog out there there is always BobCatAttack. Its an OU message board which has a pretty well integrated news section manned by quality writers.

Ohio is home to the famous E.W. Scripps School of Journalism so BobCatAttack is among the better manned fan driven news sites out there even though it primarily exist as a fan board.

But no matter how much I might respect the site its game week and nobody get's away from the Inquisition.

The Bobcats made it harder this week than I had expected. The plan was to sponsor a "We root for Kent" bulletin board in Athens (with a giant BobCat Attack logo). However after losing four straight games to a sub standard Kent program OU dispatched of the Flashes last week. Whats the fall back?

Pink uniforms! I've never seen a group of highly trained Athletes turn into 5 year old girls before but when OU got a hold of their black uniforms here was the result:



So the thinking was that the threat of pretty pink uniforms might inspire the writers at BCA to give up the information that I need. And thankfully it worked.

1) Given your 4-1 start, which includes overcoming Kent and blowing away Marshall, where do you see Ohio ending up this season?

Obviously, it's been a good start to the season. Expectations were high coming into the season, but there were question marks. Most of those have been answered, and I think it's safe to say Ohio should be one of the top contenders for the MAC championship. Ohio was the only MAC team that did not have a quarterback on its roster with starting experience, but Tyler Tettleton has more than answered the call. The entire defensive line graduated last year, and most of the secondary, but the defense so far has done its job. The Bobcats have Temple at home, and it is by no means out of the question for the team to run the table into the postseason. After a 4-1 start, anything less than 10 wins this season would be a disappointment.

2) Have you seen anything out of conference which worries you going into conference play?

Injuries have been the main cause for concern in the past few weeks. Two defensive starters went down against Kent State. Defensive tackle Neal Huynh, who led the team in tackles at the time and was on his way to an All-MAC year, hurt his knee, and Omar Leftwich, who has been a shutdown cornerback, injuried his shoulder. The prognosis was better than feared, however; Huhnh did not tear his ACL and could return as soon as four weeks. Leftwich did nto break any bones and it is not completely out of the question that he could play this week. The biggest concern, though, is the defensive line. Obviously, it is inexperienced. Two players who would have helped there (one dismissed from the team and one junior college player who did not qualify) did not make it to the fall roster and one senior has been unable to play because of a knee injury. A pair of true freshmen are expected to give up their redshirts to add needed depth to the line this week.

3) If you had to game plan against Ohio's offense what would you do?

Kent State has done the best job of limiting Ohio's offense, and even then, the Golden Flashes gave up quite a few yards, but caused many drives to fail just outside of scoring range. Their physical style always has given the Bobcats trouble. Ohio has an experienced offensive line, but I think a defense has to figure out a way to put pressure on the Bobcats at the point of attack. Defensively, Buffalo has to be ready for the bubble screen, which has been Ohio's bread-and-butter play. The Bobcats' receivers are playmakers (and pretty good blockers), so you need guys outside who are going to wrap up and not miss tackles. Of course, Ohio's biggest struggle offensively has been fumbles, so Buffalo needs to try to exploit that and force a few turnovers. They probably won't come through the air; Tettleton has not thrown a pick since his fourth pass of the first game.

4) Same Question on Defense..

Especially now with Huynh out and a guy who was a walk-on (Corey Hasting) until this year starting in his place with true freshmen backups, you've got to attack the middle. This could play to Buffalo's favor, as Oliver has been a workhorse in a lot of games. Ohio has been somewhat suseptable to the run in a few games. The problem has been teams have tried to pass a lot to keep up with Ohio's offense and that mostly has been a failure. I think the Bulls would be smart to stick with a game plan of running the ball, even if they fall behind a couple of scores. Keep testing Ohio's defensive line.