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Us against Them: UB's offense versus Ohio's Defense

Back to MAC play and a solid test for the Bulls awaits the team this week when Ohio comes to Amherst. The Bobcats will have to contend with a UB offense which has seemed more effective outside the redzone but which has struggled to put up points.

The Buffalo Offense:

Category National Actual National Leader Actual Conf MAC Leader
Rushing Offense 59 148.6 Georgia Tech 378.2 6 Eastern Mich. 233
Passing Offense 96 187.6 Houston 451.2 9 Western Mich. 331.5
Total Offense 95 336.2 Houston 610 8 Northern Ill. 467.6
Scoring Offense 108 17.8 Oregon 52 10 Northern Ill. 37.2
Turnover Margin 41 0.4 Rutgers 2.75 3 Toledo 1.4
Sacks Allowed 69 2 Oregon 0.25 9 Ball St. 0.8


While the awful performance against Tennessee pulls down the season averages in yards gained but the struggle to score when it counts has haunted UB all season.

The Ohio Defense:

Ohio will have to work without tackle Neal Huynh this week. Huynh, a run-stopper in the middle, usually demands double-teams. Buffalo's running game will face schemes rather than the intimidating run stuffer. Ohio may do everything that can to stop the run force Chazz Anderson to beat them in the Air..

Category National Actual National Leader
Actual Conf MAC Leader
Rushing Defense 30 105 Alabama 39.6 2 Temple 91.6
Pass Eff Defense 7 91.83 UCF 73.36 1 Ohio 91.83
Total Defense 14 286.6 Michigan St. 173.4 2 Temple 279.4
Scoring Defense 16 16.4 Alabama 8.4 2 Temple 13.4
Pass Defense 20 181.6 UCF 103.5 3 Akron 163
Passing Efficiency 36 148.2 Georgia Tech 260.48 4 Western Mich. 157.36
Sacks 50 2.2 Texas A&M 4.5 6 Temple 3
Tackles For Loss T-25 7.2 Louisville 9 2 Miami (OH) 8.25


The Bobcats have are top five in the conference in just about every defensive category. While their schedule might look soft it included Rutgers, and New Mexico team that has a win against the Big10. Against Kent it was the defense that kept the Bobcats in the game.

The Key Players:

BUFFALO Player National Actual Conf   OHIO Player National Actual Conf
Rushing Branden Oliver 34 100 4   Interceptions Keith Moore T-48 0.4 T-3
  Chazz Anderson   40.6 15     Travis Carrie T-48 0.4 T-3
Passing Effi Chazz Anderson   107.83 12     Xavier Hughes T-48 0.4 T-3
Total Offense Chazz Anderson 64 216.8 7     Nathan Carpenter T-48 0.4 T-3
  Branden Oliver   100 17     Joe Stefanski   0.25 T-14
Rec / Game Marcus Rivers T-60 5.4 6     Jelani Woseley   0.2 T-20
  Alex Neutz T-87 4.8 T-11     Omar Leftwich   0.2 T-20
Rec Yards Per Game Alex Neutz   62.4 T-10   Sacks Tremayne Scott   0.4 T-14
  Marcus Rivers   57 13   Tackles        
Scoring Branden Oliver   6 T-14   Tackles For Loss Tremayne Scott   0.8 T-23
  Chazz Anderson   3.6 T-25     Neal Huynh   0.8 T-23
All-Purpose Runners Branden Oliver T-93 111 T-9          


Corey Hasting is tasked with replacing Neal Huynh in the middle of the Ohio defense. Hasting is roughly three inches shorter and 50 pounds lighter than Huynh. But he is a very athletic playe who might be able to use his speed to stall the Buffalo Running Game.