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MAC Bloggers Round Table: Over the Pylon



Time for the MAC Blogger round table. This week Over The Pylon, your source for all things BSU is up to bat

Here are My Answers, watch the other MAC blags for theirs. OTP should have his summary up later this week.

Eagle Totem: Eastern Michigan

Falcon Blog: Bowling Green

Let's Go Rockets: Toledo

Temple Football Forever: Temple

The Chip Report: Central Michigan

1.) Now that the nonconference has wrapped up for most everyone and we turn our eyes toward conference play, what did the nonconference season teach you? More importantly, what teams do you see as frontrunners thanks to their nonconference play? Any surprises?

Nonconference play taught me that you should never count your chickens until they are hatched. After week one many thought this looked like a potential 'up' year for the conference. While it's nice to see no MAC team lost to an FCS school what did we learn, really?

Maryland was overrated, Wisconsin was not?

I suppose I still see Temple as a frontrunner in the East as they had easily the most respectable out of conference showing. In the west we learned that NIU might be the third best team behind Toledo and WMU. Perhaps we should also tip our hat To Lembo who has done some good things with the Cards.

2.) It's obviously early to be thinking about bowls, but what teams do you see going bowling? More importantly, will there be a MAC team that will surprise folks come bowl season? Where do you hope your team ends up bowling

In the east you have to give a nod to Ohio at 4-1. They might be playing the little sisters of the poor but four wins gets them two thirds of the way towards eligibility and the still have Buffalo, Akron, and Miami to play. Temple with three wins, a close loss to PSU, and some cupcakes left on the schedule should have little issue getting to seven or more wins.

WMU gets a sweet cross division draw with Akron and Miami. They also still have EMU so a minimum of six wins for them. NIU, Ball State, and Toledo are the only contenders in the west (aside from WMU). Whoever does the most clobbering among that group will join WMU as the fourth bowl team.

Buffalo needs a miracle, neigh a series of miracles to make seven wins.

3.) Again, it's early, but are there any coaches on the hotseat that should be working their resume? Any MAC coaches you see moving on to greener pastures come season's end?

I would love to say Jeff Quinn but UB can't afford to fire him. Ron English might be if the Eagles are restricted to beating FCS teams and Akron.

But aside from that who do you go after? Clawson and Beckman are doing well. Solich will be at OU for the rest of his career and everyone else is too new to fire.

4.) With all the talk of conference expansion and the assumption that WVU or Missouri is the next to switch conferences, what do you see happening to the MAC? Any teams living? Where to? If teams vacate, how should the MAC respond?

When TCU jilted the Big East it created a real chance that the football entity known as the Big East will not longer exist. There is almost no way that the holdovers can mathematically retain the conferences AQ status and the Big 12 is still looking to grow a bit more.


The one team most likely to leave, Temple, may get the call up *if* the basketball schools decide to preserve an FBS football presence. Otherwise I don't see the MAC losing anyone.

5.) While football is a team game, sometimes it's about individual efforts. Who has had the most impact individually for your squad? Sort of the same line of thinking, but contingent on your own needs and roster, what other MAC player would you like to switch out for one of your own?

Skinner_mediumRight now I would say Lee Skinner has done the most to improve our defense. He came in as a preferred walk on and had to take over the starting spot because of an injury. He has been a steady force in the middle and while I don't think he is the best player on our defense he is certainly the one who has went above and beyond more so than any other this season

What player would I take? It's a toss up between Bernard Pierce and Chandler Harnish. Why? Well its no because Anderson is awful or because Branden Oliver is not doing his part but those guys are about the best in the conference at owning a game all by .

6.) Power poll time, baby. First to worst... rank 'em

  1. Toledo
  2. Temple
  3. WMU
  4. Ohio
  5. Bowling Green
  6. NIU
  7. Ball State
  8. CMU
  9. Miami
  10. EMU
  11. Buffalo
  12. Kent
  13. Akron