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Talking Bull: The greatest football statistic ever

30_mediumEvery Day Should Be Saturday is one of the best blogs out there. Not only do they run the annual Fulmer Cup but their daily links section is full of great comments.

And then there is the fact that beneath the well produced sophomoric humor is a ton of solid football knowledge, but this new stat captures offensive ineptitude better than any other.

THE SPIKE FACTOR - Every Day Should Be Saturday
Fortunately, once the Wildcats figured out how to fail, they really kept it rolling. The second quarter saw four Kentucky drives; none of them were longer than 6 plays, and all of them had at least one addition to the Spike Factor. If you are surprised to learn that Barkevious Mingo played a role in this uptick, then I would like to say Hello and Welcome as this is clearly your first visit to EDSBS. Kentucky ran 17 plays this quarter, and a whopping five were worse than just killing the clock. At halftime, we were looking at a Spike Factor of 6/29, or about 20%

Look for the spike factor to become a regular feature on Bull Run, at least until we start winning.

Missouri, the new Brett Farve

In a move that rivaled only by Brett Farve's retirement decision the tigers cant figure out what to do about the SEC invite and the collapse of the Big12... Here's a hint, listen to the fans!

Missouri Fans Coy About Conference Realignment Wishes - From Our Editors -
If the Missouri Tigers are going to relocate to the SEC, it might be now or never. If only we knew how Mizzou fans felt about the whole deal.

Buffalo get's Alphabetized (well Tennessee did)

The Alphabetical, Week 5: The Annual And Variable Invincibility Of Alabama -
R is for Resourceful. Tyler Bray did try to throw the ball through the goalposts after a penalty on Saturday. Players just try to make plays, even if the officials refused to recognize his innovative strategy. Bray is both funny and fond of racking up huge numbers (342 yards, 4 TDs against Buffalo this week) on inferior competition, meaning he is that guy who lurks in corners on Call of Duty, knifes you, and then dances over your prone body.

Weather you like or hate SMU, this is funny!

Anything TCU Can Troll, SMU Can Troll Better... - From Our Editors -
TCU coach Gary Patterson was deeply-offended by what he perceived were bad calls by a Conference USA officiating crew and also didn't take too kindly to SMU wide receiver Darius Johnson saying, "I don't like these TCU people." Patterson's so offended by the whole matter he even lobbed a not-so-thinly-veiled threat to keep SMU out of the Big East if the conference comes calling. SMU's response?