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Talking Bull: Ohio State just keeps Giving

Osupriceisright_medium Some mornings you wake up and learn it was a really slow news day. Combing through the news bares little fruit. Then you come across OSU.

Three Ohio State Players Suspended For Mid-Suspension Summer Jobs -
Ohio St. Buckeyes players Daniel Herron and DeVier Posey were expected to return from their five-game suspensions to play against the Nebraska Cornhuskers this Saturday. That probably won't be happening, athletic director Gene Smith announced Monday, as the two, along with offensive lineman Marcus Hall, will likely miss further time for being too well-compensated by their summer employers.

Just when you think tat gate is over with more and more fall out. How in the the world does the phrase "lack of institutional control" not get uttered by the NCAA. Now they have players being too well compensated by employers who are, I would almost bet, attached to OU as alumni or boosters /wild speculation.

More on the Tennessee Buffalo experience from a mixed family

There has been a great series on Rocky Top Talk that I am sorry I did not share with you last week. He just wrapped it up and its well worth the read. Joe Stanley is a life long Vol's fan who ended up working in New York (starting in the winter of 2002, the huge Blizzard). He married a UB grad who like so many back then barely knew the teams existed.

Well the TU, UB game was a great chance for him, his wife, and their daughter to get to a college football game.

Tennessee Families (Part 3): Acta Est Fabula - Rocky Top Talk
If you missed Part 1 you will find it here. Part 2 is here. This part 3 in a three part series. We drove all night Friday night. The kido blissfully slept through the entire trip. Its easy to look back on those miles now. Even more so considering Coach Dooley's comments of the days press conference. But it experiencing them was a 72 hour nonstop marathon that had us ready to drop in our tracks by the time it was over.

Around the NCAA

Market Adjustments, Week 5: Michigan Up, Utah Down And Free Alshon Jeffery -
Week Five in review: Arizona State took control of the Pac-12 South, Stephen Garcia bombed, the bottom half of the Big East is truly awful, Michigan broke out a unique formation and Texas looked like Texas again.