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Who the heck are we playing? Princeton

Princeton's 2011 season ended with them coming up just shy in the opening round of the NCAA tournament, a berth that they earned after  knocking off Harvard at the buzzer to win the Ivy League title. That kind of season often sees the coach get interest from other schools and even the alumni status of Sydney Johnson was not enough to keep him at Princeton when Fairfield came calling.

Enter Mitch Henderson, another alumni, who hopes to take a Tigers team expected to compete, once again, for the Ivy league title. Erin McDermott was wise enough to find another alumni who also happened to run a very similar system as an assistant at northwestern.

This takes a lot of the normal sting out of this coaching change and puts Princeton as a code Red on that seven stage, Harvey Birdman inspired, alert system.


This is a solid team that will be in the hunt for a 20 win season, who will likely end up in a post season tournament,and it's our first road game of the season.

Coachartpowell_png_mediumThe Tigers do have some more serious losses than UB. Kareem Maddox was one of the best Ivy league players at either end of the court. Guard Dan Mavraides is their other big loss. But they have two solid players who can lead this team in Ian Hummer on the inside and Doug Davis on the perimeter.

This is the first time these two teams have met since Art Powell, the Art Powell, was UB's basketball coach. Powell, for those of you who are unaware, was Buffalo's first basketball coach (and the first football coach after Buffalo started their athletics department in 1915.

Powell Coached UB from 1915 until 1943 amassing a 198 wins in an era when there were at most about a dozen games per year. In 1925 Powell's Bulls hosted Princeton and defeated them twenty five to twenty three. It was the only time that these two schools have met so the tigers have been waiting 86 years for their return game, talk about patients.

If you want to follow Princeton Hoops feel free to check out a fan based site not affiliated with the school which has been around in once form or another since the late 90's

Wednesday, November 16, 2011
Venue Jadwin Gymnasium
Opponent Princeton
Conference Ivy League
2011 Record 25-7 (12-2 Ivy) NCAA Round 2
loss to UK
All Time vs UB Buffalo 1 Prinston 0
Last Game 1925: Buffalo 25 vs Princeton 23