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Bull Run Ballot Draft: SBNation Blog Poll Top 25


At the Top:

Wisconsin's impressive thumping of Nebraska helps them jump into the top five. This is the part of the season that's really going to see Boise start to fall in the rankings because they have no titanic match ups against BCS bowl contenders.

The Sooners get a bit of a bump for treating Ball State like a punching bag and every one else holds

At the Bottom:

South Carolina gets bumped, maybe a little low but Id like to keep the top 15. But they have some conference company. Tennessee sole is the loss to Florida.

So Long, for now.

I'm discovering that the mid Majors who get placed in the bottom of my polls usually suffer. Temple is a perfect example.

At home, with rumors swirling about an upcoming Big East vote (which did not materialize), and with a banged up rockets team coming in all Temple had to do was play smart ball.

Turnovers and spotty play calling by the Owls helped Toledo beat up on Temple.

See you next week:

Michigan State and Penn state are each on my bubble. Right now MSU, with a loss to Notre Dame is a much longer shot than PSU to make it in next week.