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How did our 2011 Opponents do?

Next up for the Bulls... OU
Next up for the Bulls... OU

OPPONENT W L Tot % Conf W L conf % Last Next
Pittsburgh 3 2 0.600 Big East 1 0 1.000 Win 44-17 Vs South Forlida at Rutgers
Stony Brook 1 3 0.250 Big South 0 0 0.000 Bye at Provo
Ball State 3 2 0.600 MAC 1 0 1.000 Loss 62-6 at Oklahoma vs Temple
Connecticut 2 3 0.400 Big East 0 0 0.000 Loss 38-31 vs WMU at West Virginia
Tennessee 3 1 0.750 SEC 0 1 0.000 Win 41-10 vs Buffalo at Georgia
Ohio 4 1 0.800 MAC 1 0 1.000 Win 17-10 vs Kent at Buffalo
Temple 3 2 0.600 MAC 1 1 0.500 Loss 36-13 vs Toledo at Ball State
Northern Illinois 2 3 0.400 MAC 0 1 0.000 Loss 48-41 at CMU vs Kent
Miami (OH) 0 4 0.000 MAC 0 1 0.000 Loss 27-0 vs Cincinnatti vs Army
Eastern Michigan 3 2 0.600 MAC 1 0 1.000 Win 31-23 vs Akron at Toledo
Akron 1 4 0.200 MAC 0 2 0.000 Loss 31-23 at EMU vs FIU
Bowling Green 3 2 0.600 MAC 1 0 1.000 Loss 55-10 at West Virginia at WMU
Total 28 29 0.491   6 6 0.500    
MAC 19 20 0.487   5 5 0.500    
Past 12 11 0.522   2 1 0.000    
Upcoming 16 18 0.471   4 5 0.444

Pitt vs. South Florida: Still Amazed - Cardiac Hill
To say that the offense rolled over a vaunted Bulls defense is even an understatement. As I said immediately after the game, the Bulls were shocked by Tino's running. It really made a big difference in the running and passing game. USF had trouble figuring out whether Tino or Ray would take the carry and it allowed Pitt to run through for big gains. The Bulls would try and crowd the box, only to see Tino complete a short pass outside for a decent gain or Ray Graham spin his way towards yet another first down. By Pitt's first drive of the second half, the defense was gassed. That is what this offense will try to do each week. Move quickly, confuse the opposing defense, and wear the other side out.

So last night clearly wasn’t a historic night for Ball State football. It was for Ryan Broyles as he became the all time leading receiver in the Big 12, but we don’t cover Broyles or the Sooners, so that’s not really our concern. Normally, we’d run some lengthy bullet point list of things to take away from this game, but when you get beat down by 56 there isn’t really much to say. Even the things we would normally harp on like the turnovers are almost excused simply because of the pretty extreme difference between OU and BSU when it comes to talent, depth, and efficiency. Add in a pissed off Oklahoma team that just lost their consensus #1 ranking and the need to make a statement before their game against Texas next week and it was a recipe for disaster that Oklahoma happily cooked up.

TheRoundUp 8/3: It's come to this, we're leading with soccer - The UConn Blog
UConn spent the entire day chasing Western Michigan, which led 17-7 at halftime. But Johnny McEntee tried to lead the Huskies back, throwing four touchdown passes of his own. McEntee threw a 26-yard touchdown pass on fourth down to Nick Williams to tie the game at 31 with 2:03 to go.

Final - 10.1.2011 1 2 3 4 Total
Toledo Rockets 15 7 7 7 36
Temple Owls 3 10 0 0 13

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Temple Football Forever: Addazio needs to find a can opener
I found it rather curious that one QB gets taken out while LEADING Penn State, yet another QB gets left in there to throw fuel on the fire of a Toledo conflagration. Temple needs a quarterback who can make plays and see wide-open receivers farther than five yards downfield.

That truly was one of the most bizarre and disappointing games I have ever seen the Northern Illinois Huskies play. On a neutral location, NIU is the better team. However, this game was on the road and the Huskies couldn't recover from a 17-0 deficit early and the bleeding wouldn't stop all game long. Chandler Harnish became the school's leading passer in a game where he went 27 of 50 for 370 yds, 2 TDs and 2 INTs. The first pick came on the first drive of the game and the second one was on the last drive of the game.

Cincinnati Bearcats 27 Miami Redhawks 0: Box Scorin - Down The Drive
The final score doesn't really indicate it, but UC played its worst half of Football on offense today against Miami. The first half was an absolute disaster by almost any measure. 157 total yards, on a paltry 4.2 yards per play, 3 of 8 on third down conversions and worst of all three turnovers which put UC into the red for turnover margin for the first time all season. And yet UC went into the half with a 6-0 lead. Why? Because the much maligned and run down defense turned in a truly vintage performance dominating at the line of scrimmage and keeping Miami contained for the most part. Miami was in this game because the UC offense kept them in the game. 4 times the offense turned it over and 4 times the Bearcat defense responded by punching Miami off the field. This is a performance that UC needed because they can't win with offense alone in the Big East. UC will have to win a couple of game in conference just like this. Now for some bullet points.

Lets start by being clear about one thing: this team can run the ball, and the running game has depth. Dominique White, who started the season as the #3 running back, with backups blocking for him at both guard positions, just ran for 164 yards (5.9 yards per carry) and three touchdowns. Ron English had some comments on that:

I am not going to go through my normal look at the flow of the game, and especially not the stats.  There isn't much there that was not apparent to the naked eye.  WVU, a team that had struggled to run the ball this year, was unstoppable on the run.  Coach Clawson said in the post game that we had not seen WVU remain committed to the run, and so we were trying to stop the pass.