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GameThread for NIU Huskies at UB Bulls

Week 3
Buffalo (Home)
Coach: Jeff Quinn
Record: 2-5,1-2 (MAC)
Rank: NR
NIU (Road)
Coach: Dave Doeren
Record: 4-3,2-1 (MAC)
Rank: NR
Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

52 °F Sunny
Line: NIU -8.5


This Weeks Rules:

Standing Orders (The Bad)

Take a Drink when:

  1. UB's offense has a three and out
  2. Broken screen play
  3. UB Drops a Pass
  4. Buffalo loses yards running the ball on First
  5. Buffalo Turns over the ball * (Pick Six means finish your drink)

Finish Your beer if:

  1. UB Throws a Pick Six
  2. UB Gives up a return past their own 40
  3. UB Lets an opponent convert a fourth and more than 5 yards

Standing Orders (The Good)

Take a Drink when:

  1. Preventing a kickoff returner from getting past their 20 yard line.
  2. Our defense gets a sack.
  3. Forcing a turnover.
  4. Catches by a tight end.
  5. Touchdowns by Ed Young.

Today's Special

Take a drink if

  1. Coach Jerry Kill is mentioned