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Depth Chart'in - Buffalo Depth Chart Updates

vs NIU 1 2 3
WR Neutz Hughes  
LT Ostrowski Barbe  
LG Carlson Guy  
C Whinery Carlson  
RG Davis Bartholomew  
RT Ozkan Silas  
TE Connacher Gordon Dennison
QB Anderson Zordich Davis
RB Oliver Gill Taylor
FB Knox Jean  
WR Young -or- Lee  
WR Rivers Hood  
DE Means Sokoli  
NG Smith Cahill  
DE DuBois Way  
OLB Mack Mosely  
ILB Branch Pettigrew  
ILB Skinner Brown  
OLB Verser Wallace  
CB Johnson Lammons  
SS Baugh Houston  
FS Copeland Sherry  
CB Lester Petit

Not too much changes from last weeks depth chart to this weeks.

Filling The Hole

Right not Ed Young and Fred Lee are locking in an "or" relationship to fill in for Terrell Jackson.

Returning Kicks and punts will fall to some combination of  Ed Young, Jeffvon Gill, Cortney Lester, Brandon Murie and Devon Hughes.

No Longer the Guy on the Line

Dillion Guy falls behind Janson Carlson at the left Guard and Anthony Bartholomew moves from the backup left Guard to the Backup Right Guard.

Backing up the Backers

Willie Mosely from Sandston, VA takes over as Khalil Mack's backup this week moving Kendall Roberson off the chart.

Khari Brown is the backup for Lee Skinner in the middles.