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MAC Blogger Round Table: Red and Black Attack



This week fellow SBNation Blog "Red and Black Attack" is running the table. Here are my answers to his questions, and don't forget to check out the other MAC blogs taking part.

Eagle Totem: Eastern Michigan

Falcon Blog: Bowling Green

Let's Go Rockets: Toledo

Temple Football Forever: Temple

The Chip Report: Central Michigan

1. Just when one team thinks they have a hold of the division, it seems like the next week they get upset by a seemingly lesser-talented surprise team. How do you explain the volatility in the MAC this year, with CMU beating NIU, then NIU beating WMU and EMU defeating CMU just this past week?

I honestly don't believe there is any volatility this season. Toledo is a whole lot better than people thought and Ohio and Miami are quite a bit worse. Everything else has been pretty stable. There are some other surprises like Bowling Green and Ball State but the Toledo and Temple have been among the favorites since week two.

Temple looks increasingly like its in a division with only lightweights. Maybe Bowling Green can give them a run but everyone else in the east looks, at best, mediocre.

WMU looks better than I thought but they, NIU, and likely ball state are all a half step or more behind Toledo.

2. Going off of the last question, how emotionally involved are you with your respective team? Do you have your highs and lows or do you try and keep an even keel the entire season following your respective squad?

I'm a Buffalo fan, I get one high per year so no need to make it Plural. After beating Ohio I expected to see progress against Temple  After that awful game I did not want to think about football for a few days and rattled off this gem.

3. It seems like the MAC is past being a league where just offense prowess can win the league. Is that statement correct? Do you think your team has the right balance this season, or will one side of the ball have to carry the other the rest of the way?

Unfortunately for Buffalo they have a decent defense but a horrible offense. You need some balance. You either need to have an offense that piles up the points or gives the defense rest. The Bulls ran all of six plays in the first Quarter of the Temple game and thanks to the 'fast pace' that meant the defense only had about 2 minutes off.

Thats going to wear down a defense. But yes, I have noticed a change from the shootouts with teams like NIU and Temple doing a better job of playing stout defense and using ball control on offense.

4. If you could get a top recruit for one position on your team, which one would it be?

Quarterback. UB needs a consistent leader and while having Chazz is nice(ish) he is gone after this season. Quinn has pulled in a couple of Promising Quarterbacks so far in Licata and Micheal but it may be another season before they see the field.

5. Rank los equipos

Team Change Comment
Toledo - No Change, with the Big Win Toledo Takes home the $Trophy this year
Temple - There really is nobody in the East who is going to get between Temple and Detroit
NIU 1 Huge win for the Huskies, they are still on track for a bowl eligible season
WMU -1 Big Setback for Western Michigan, the Bronco's and Huskies each get a crack at Toledo yet
BGSU 1 Not an awful showing against Toledo, they are looking like the only speed bump Temple might have
Ball State 1 Proving themselves one game at a time.
Ohio -2 Disproving themselves one game at a time.
EMU 3 Last time EMU managed four wins in a season? 2007. One more win and we are back to 1994
CMU -1 Well now we know who the fifth best FBS team in Michigan is.
Miami - Miami continues to float around the bottom, the abysmal Kent Miami game did neither team any favors
Kent 1 Kent continues to have about the worst offense in the conference.
Buffalo -3 Buffalo's offense was awful against Temple. There are serious coaching issues holding back this team
Akron - On the plus side, they get to play Buffalo later this season