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UB vs UT Game Thoughts

I don't really know what there is to say. We entered hostile SEC territory, facing our toughest OOC opponent in recent memory. The vast majority of Bulls fans expected us to go down there, get our butts kicked, take our money and get out of there. Well, thats exactly what happened. BullRun had a great comment in the game chat, (which is entertaining at least), in which he said that the bus driver was the most valuable player of the game. Tennessee out-talented us, out-schemed us, out-ran, and out-classed us in every aspect of the game. Some of my main takeaways from this game:



-We made a fair amount of money

-Our special teams once again looked pretty solid. Other then Fardons hideous FG attempt early on in the game, our unit as a whole wasnt bad. Solid punting, we had good field position, and our we didnt have any kickoffs out of bounds.

-Some players who caught my eye. Colby Way, once again, continues to play strong on the front line. Najja Johnson made some good plays in the secondary. I thought Chazz played a decent game overall too.


-Dissapointing to see the game start the way it did. Quick 3 and out, lead to a 3 or 4 play scoring drive for UT. The bad part was our 3rd down call was a draw. Way to set the tone... First possesion, 3rd and 5ish and were gonna run it. A minute later we are down a touchdown already.

-Fardons missed field goal. One of the worst shanks I have ever seen.

-46 was shut down. Tennessee made it a point to stop Khalil Mack, and they did.

-After Chazz had that TD run, and we got the ball back on the kickoff, we had a chance to at least tie the game up and make things interesting for a bit. We had all the momentum we needed, and then we get nothing out of it. We need more out of Chazz and the offense right there. Thats a huge spot, that at least keeps the fans in to the game for the half.

-I could probably go on awhile, but Id rather just move on

Moving Forward

MAC play. Call me crazy, but I still think we can make some noise in the MAC. Ohio is good, but they are not so good that we can't beat them. We have played a hard OOC schedule. Lets see if it helps us at all. I really do believe it will. Our young guys got some great experience. Re-focus and beat Ohio!