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Bulls in the NFL - James Starks

Green Bay is off to a great start running their record to 6 - 0 with an impressive win over St. Louis 24 - 3. Also moved the Packers to first place in their Division with Detriot losing to the 49ers and "Hand Shake Gate!" I reached out to everything Green Bay Packers, SB Nation, Acme Moving Company, to get an update on James Starks. Here is what I asked and see the response below the jump. "Us at UB who live in Buffalo have not been able to see to many Packers games (at a meeting in Philly the Thursday Night Opener) and have not seen any consistency or gawdy number from James. I have not seen any highlight reel clips on ESPN. Can you give me a insight on how James is doing and what are the fans thoughts/expectations on James?"

Rushing Receiving
G Rush Yds Y/G Avg Lng TD Rec Yds Y/G Avg Lng TD
2011 - James Starks 6 70 299 49.8 4.3 40 1 15 113 18.8 7.5 16 0

James Starks

#44 / Running Back / Green Bay Packers



Feb 25, 1986


I don't expect he'll make the highlight reel too often because he's a part-time player on a pass first offense. But he's still in the early stages of what should be a solid NFL career.

He's used in the same way that the Packers use Ryan Grant, however, it's clear that Starks is the bigger and more powerful of the two. Grant plays more in the first half while Starks takes over later in the game. Which might also be a sign of who the Packers think is the better back since he's the player asked to close out the game. He's also ahead of Grant by about 100 yards after the first six games.

He's on pace for around 800 yards rushing, and to catch about 45 passes. I'm not sure if he was much of a receiver in college, but he's a complete back in the NFL. This is the last year of Ryan Grant's contract, and I expect the Packers will let him go in the offseason to give Starks the lead role. If he can stay healthy, then I expect he'll be averaging about 1200 yards and 50 receptions per season in the near future. He's been a great pick for the Packers