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Bull Run Blog Poll 25: SBNation Blog Poll Ballot

First things first. The opening BCS rankings are out and here is SBNations story stream on them.

Most of this weeks movement, on my ballot, has to do with a shift towards some a hybrid resume and results. I am moving more away from my gut feeling which is what I have done up to date.

Because of that move the Big gainer is Kansas State and South Carolina.

I've tried to keep the undefeated up above anyone else in instances when they have, or will be seriously tested.

Houston, despite being one of only ten undefeated teams is checking in at 16, and even in that I am somewhat unsure.

Up until now the cougars have been moving up because I have a habit of moving successful mid Majors higher than I might someone from an AQ conference.

This week they get the boost because I am moving over to a resume system. But from this point on moving up may prove difficult.

The 'resume' system keeps Illinois in. My gut feeling has been that this is an over rated squad. They play up to, or down to, their opponents week in and week out.

In a gut feeling world they are gone and SMU is sitting at 25.

But they face three more ranked teams so the Illini have ample chance to prove me in error.

Sitting Just outside of the top 25 are A&M, Temple and SMU.

Temple has one 'Bad' loss and that was to Toledo who may be the best three loss team in the nation. I got to watch them first hand this week and they treated my Bulls like they treated Maryland.

SMU's sole loss is to A&M and that is getting further and further in the mirror.

A&M is, maybe, the biggest victim of my new ranking strategy. Beat Baylor, fall out of the poll.