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UB vs Temple - Game Thoughts

Opening Thoughts

Or should I just rename this the "what do I think of the Quinn situation," post? Obviously, this game has left a terrible, terrible, awful taste in every single UB fans mouth. I am not even going to bother talking about the game, because we have all had enough of that. It was a flat out bad game against our rival, Temple. Nobody would argue that.

If you could last for more then a half (I didnt) then mad props to you. A vast majority of fans seem to be be extremely upset with Quinn, and would not be upset at all if he was canned, or he resigned, in the immediate future.

When I say immediate future I mean yesterday at half time. I seem to be in the minority when I say that a loss yesterday is a loss. Any realistic UB fan knew going in to yesterdays game that we were not going to win. Not to call you out BIE, but you did predict us to lose 42-10. The final score wasnt too far off from what you predicted. Temple is an outstanding team, they are the class of the MAC this year. They are a better team then us this year. Anyone who doesnt want to do believe that is lieing to themselves, and they know it.

Going Forward

What I am getting at is a loss yesterday doesnt change anything going forward. We are a 2-5 team right now, with a good chance of ending this season with 5 wins. Isnt that what everyone expected at the start of the year? In fact, a lot of people said we were going to finish this year with 3-4 wins at max. A coach is not going to resign or get fired because he went through a tough game at Temple. And to anyone who brings up last years record / wins is also kidding themselves. Last year was a throw out year, and we all know it. We had a whole roster that was built to run a pro style offense. That combination doesnt work. This year, Quinn has some of his younger guys playing that have been able to work in the new system, and be recruited for it. What are we seeing this year? Everyone agress that we are a better team this year.

In my opinion, it is not fair at all to any coach, (especially a first time head coach), to fire them after 2 years (or 1.5 years as some of you would like.) Any coach should be, and in this case will be, given a full three years before ant rash judgement is made. Let Quinn bring in some more of his guys. Lets keep in mind the success that Quinn is having on the recruiting trail (rankings wise that is). He is on pace to bring in a top 4 MAC class this upcoming year. I know we all want to win now, and thats because we are the biggest UB fans there are. But I am just saying lets keep things in perspective here everyone. The season is NOT over, and the coaches career here is certainly not over.