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Bull Run MAC Power Rankings

Team Change Comment
Toledo - No Change, with the Big Win Toledo Takes home the $Trophy this year
Temple - There really is nobody in the East who is going to get between Temple and Detroit
NIU 1 Huge win for the Huskies, they are still on track for a bowl eligible season
WMU -1 Big Setback for Western Michigan, the Bronco's and Huskies each get a crack at Toledo yet
BGSU 1 Not an awful showing against Toledo, they are looking like the only speed bump Temple might have
Ball State 1 Proving themselves one game at a time.
Ohio -2 Disproving themselves one game at a time.
EMU 3 Last time EMU managed four wins in a season? 2007. One more win and we are back to 1994
CMU -1 Well now we know who the fifth best FBS team in Michigan is.
Miami - Miami continues to float around the bottom, the abysmal Kent Miami game did neither team any favors
Kent 1 Kent continues to have about the worst offense in the conference.
Buffalo -3 Buffalo's offense was awful against Temple. There are serious coaching issues holding back this team
Akron - On the plus side, they get to play Buffalo later this season