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How do you spell integrity? R - E - S - I - G - N

I wish, oh how I wish resign started with an 'F' then it would fit quite nicely into Coach Quinn's cute little "Faith, family, football, fish and fun." speech. Certainly Failure can fit in there. There is no other way to describe being winless an outscored 79 to nothing against your rival.

I don't mean any disrespect to Temple, but they are not that good. Good enough to beat us? sure. Good enough to beat us handily? yea I can say that. But they are not good enough to shut out, completely, the talent on UB's roster.

No, the responsibility for the dumpster fire we had to sit through today is not becuase of Temple, the bulk of the blame lies solely at the feet of one man, and it's not Brenard Pierce. The man is Jeff Quinn.

Bernard Pierce did not call plays short of the first down, on third, more than a half dozen times. Bernanrd Pierce did not convince the Bulls to keep running the doomed inside read option. Nope that was vintage Quinn.

Quinn is now 4-15, with just two wins over FBS opponents. The sum total of our scoring advantage in those two wins is three points. Last season Bowling Green missed a last second chip shot field goal, this year Ohio had several red zone chances to take the lead.

Jeff Quinn needs to go!

I don't come here easily but here I am, officially in the fire Quinn camp. While I have often poked fun at Quinn outsmarting himself I have usually found myself among those who thought he was building something. I actually had a half written story about the direction of UB football ready to go thinking that the Bulls would at least look better than last season.

But I'm done. The only thing that would come remotely close to making his career at UB salvageable would be to win out. Unfortunately of our five remaining games four teams beat us last year and Bowling Green is looking like a vastly improved squad.

It's time for Warde Manuel to ask himself, is this the football program I want to run?

We spend as much, if not more, on athletics and football than most of the MAC. We are institutionally matched in funding by only Temple and educationally we are among the top several schools. There is no reason that the universities flagship sport should be a punchline.

The problem is that we can't afford to fire Quinn, that is ultimately the think keeping him in Amherst. But maybe, just maybe, he will take a page out of Stan Parishes playbook and step down.

Parish ran BSU into the ground and rather than forcing the cards to suffer a third season, which he probably could have done, he left. Now the cards are better and Parish saved some of his dignity.

Short of that what do you do? demote him? let him sink this program even further?