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The Bull Run Inquisition: Temple Football Forever



Well unless the dark forces of Villinova have there way the Bull Run Inquisition may only have a few more chances at our next guest. Temple's name is floating around as a fill in for the incredible shrinking football conference (Big East). With UCF, Houston, and other Conference USA schools facing seven million dollar buyouts and the Service Academics getting cold feet Temple is on the rise.

So, if the owls are to leave us, let's have a little fun at their expense.. Yes Ladies and Gentlemen we're going to sit down Mike Gibson, the owner of "Temple Football Forever" and make him watch replays of each and every game that involved Temple and a Mid American Conference team with a winning record.

Don't hold your breath waiting for the owls to win one... The closest they came was in 2008 when *this* play



Long Before we got to this play Mike both crushed by the sting of Temple Losses (and preoccupied with the Big East News) gave a few quick answers.

1) With UB's win over Ohio Temple is now back to complete control of their destiny in the East Division. What potential snags do you see in the quest for that elusive divisional crown


I would say Ohio but the one thing Zolich had on Temple is gone. His read-option confounded both Al Golden and Mark D'Onofrio for two years. Other teams have tried the read-option on Chuck Heater's defense and the Temple Dline and linebackers throw it for losses. They have all the lanes covered. Heater is so much better a D-coordinator it is not funny. 

2) Right now, among the top teams in the west, who would you rather see if you make it to Detroit.


Toledo. For motivational reasons. 

3) If you were game planning against Temple's defense how would you attack it?


The same way Toledo did. Misdirection. Trickeration. Run one way, pass the other. Halfback passes, etc. Take advantage of the over-pursuit of the defense. 

4) Is Gerardi the guy? When will Temple find their next stable Quarterback?


Gerardi is now the third guy. Chris Coyer, the Ohio State recruit, is now No. 2. Chester Stewart, after many opportunities, finally wrestled the job away. Do I trust him in a big spot, as Chris "Mad Dog" Russo might say? No. Throws about the worst deep ball I've ever seen. (Throws it deep but 10-20 yards over open receivers' head). Coyer averages 74 yards a carry. Two carries. One 68-yarder for a TD gainst Nova. One 80-yarder against Ball State for a TD. Makes great reads on the option. 

5) If Temple fails to win the east division again which team will be the one to take it?


Ohio. If Bobcats win out, it will be the same tie it was in 2009.