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Talking Bull: Big East Expansion facing some Snags.


I've Started spending a bit of time over on "Big East Coast Bias". It's a great way to keep up with relevant expansion information. What did we learn today? Well it's going to cost UCF 7 million and more than a year to jump. The teams in the conference don't want to raise the buyout but Navy wont come in unless the buyout goes up.

Temple needs 3 million to get to the Big East (2.5 Million for the MAC and 500K for the A10). Given the fact the University has 9 million to drop on Phase II of their football practice facility that is not a huge issue.


Navy Wants Big East Exit Fee Raised Before Joining the Conference - Big East Coast Bias

Navy to the Big East has once again hit a snag. The Midshipmen would like a guarantee of solidarity from the remaining six football schools in the Big East. That guarantee should come in the form of a raised exit fee. As an earlier post stated, bumping the exit fee up from $5 million to the neighborhood of $17-20 million was rejected.

Report: Big East Presidents Declined to Increase Exit Fees - Big East Coast Bias
The Big East’s presidents and chancellors discussed but did not approve a proposal that would have increased the league’s exit fee to between about $17 million and $20 million, more than three times the current amount, during the league’s Oct. 2 meeting, according to league documents obtained by Give commissioner John Marinatto credit; at least he tried to make it tougher for teams to leave the league. The proposed new exit amount was for $5 million plus "150 percent of the gross revenues received by a departing team in its final year in the league." Those revenues vary by school but are estimated between $8 million and $10 million annually.

Big East, UCF, conference realignment: Exit penalties add to tough decision UCF faces with Big East invitation expected soon -
If the Knights ultimately decide to join the Big East, Conference USA officials told the Sentinel that UCF would have to pay an exit fee of about $7 million. Schools leaving C-USA must pay their annual share of television revenue under dual contracts with Fox Sports Network and CBS Sports for five years and an additional one-time $500,000 fee.

Expansion: More on the Big East's Plans: Boise and Two Leagues, One Umbrella - Big East Coast Bias
In addition, the Big East’s long-term goal is to create two separate leagues under one umbrella, with the 12 football schools having a separate commissioner from the eight basketball schools. The sides would offer a united front during all future TV negotiations.

Buffalo Football:

Hustle Belt at Halfway: Players of the Year - Hustle Belt
Close behind him are two other talented (if slightly less productive) backs in Buffalo's Branden Oliver (682 yards, 8 TD; 16 rec 98 yards)

Week #7 MAC Football Picks 2011
Nick’s Pick: Temple 31 – Buffalo 21 -> Comment: Temple has the MAC’s top rushing offense, top rushing defense and top overall scoring defense. Buffalo has shown improvement this year and their win over Ohio last week was impressive. Beating Temple in Philadelphia is another story.

Hustle Belt Power Rankings: Week Seven - Hustle Belt
Buffalo: 10 - Chazz Anderson is good enough to pick apart a weak secondary. We now know that. And Branden Oliver needs his touches to warm up and can power through to good numbers once he does. Don't expect either of those to happen against Temple.

Temple poses an obvious challenge for Bulls - UB Football - The Buffalo News
On the individual end, junior running back Bernard Pierce ranks first in the country in rushing touchdowns (15) and 13th in rushing yards per game (115.33). And note that Temple (4-2, 1-1) has risen to such lofty status while playing the likes of Penn State, Maryland and Toledo, the Mid-American Conference preseason favorite.

NCAA Football

Mike Leach Job Watch: Scouring The Seas For A Worthy Vessel -
If Urban Meyer or Jon Gruden aren't listed as candidates for your school's vacant (or soon-to-be vacant) coaching job, then a certain famous pirate probably is. Let's look at the openings that could await Mr. Swing Your Sword this winter.

MAC Basketball

MAC Announces Regional Basketball Package > MAC > News
Games will also be available in the MAC footprint via Comcast Michigan (channel 900), Comcast Indiana (channel 81) and Comcast Sports Net Chicago. Check your local listings for game times and local availability. Games will also be available via STO in the Buffalo market on DirecTV (channel 662) and Dish Network (channel 431) as Buffalo is part of STO's normal distribution footprint.