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Talking Bull: So how bad are things at KU?

There are moments I think Gill regrets leaving Buffalo. Don't get me wrong I am sure they are fleeting and book-ended by him counting his fat Big-12 money but they are there.

In Buffalo we saw a slight improvement in year one, and a big improvement in year two. In Kansas neither has materialized. So how are Kansas fans handling the whole thing.

This Week In Schadenfreude: Deep In The Id Of Texas -
Kansas manages to find new ways to redefine awful. Jayhawk fans only wish this was accurate:

Other NCAA News:

Dad: Stephen Garcia Violated 'Zero Tolerance Policy' -
"Obviously, he’s responsible for his own actions, which we’ve told him from the beginning," Gary Garcia told The Tampa Tribune. "The stuff he did in the beginning, he should’ve known better than that. He should’ve made better decisions. We understand that. "I don’t hold the university responsible for it. Stephen did it. He should be responsible. You only get so many chances."

Hustle Belt Power Rankings: Week Seven - Hustle Belt
Buffalo: 10 - Chazz Anderson is good enough to pick apart a weak secondary. We now know that. And Branden Oliver needs his touches to warm up and can power through to good numbers once he does. Don't expect either of those to happen against Temple.

Temple poses an obvious challenge for Bulls - UB Football - The Buffalo News
On the individual end, junior running back Bernard Pierce ranks first in the country in rushing touchdowns (15) and 13th in rushing yards per game (115.33). And note that Temple (4-2, 1-1) has risen to such lofty status while playing the likes of Penn State, Maryland and Toledo, the Mid-American Conference preseason favorite.