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Talking Bull: Flow Charts and Coaching Hires

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Flow Chart: When And When Not To Replace Your Coach With Urban Meyer - From Our Editors -
Flow Chart: When And When Not To Replace Your Coach With Urban Meyer

Mike Stoops' Statement After Being Fired By Arizona -
The Arizona Wildcats have lost five of their first six games this year, and the school made head coach Mike Stoops the fall guy earlier tonight by firing him after eight seasons. In response to the news, Stoops released the following the statement, reminding everybody what he did right before this season's poor start (courtesy of the Tucson Citizen):

Sports Code: Antonio Andrews Lashes Out on Twitter
Fair weather fans are everywhere and WKU football fans are certainly no exception. The first home game against Navy, attendance was 19,409, in the last home game versus Arkansas State, attendance was 10,813. Quite a discrepancy.

The College Football Alphabetical, Week 6: The Donkeys Start To Fall -
T is for Third and 57. We swear Mike Bobo did this on purpose just to enrage the portion of the Georgia fan base that wants him fired, but can't question his wins and loss record. 57_medium_medium The only think missing from this: picking up a safety on the play, which would have been fine because Tennessee, as ineffective as they were on Saturday night, still wouldn't have been able to score on the play. Tennessee should not attempt another running play this year, and is already sitting at -26 yards against Alabama weeks before they even play.

Non-AQ Players of the Week - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN
Offense: Branden Oliver, RB, Buffalo. Ran for a career-high 179 yards on 34 carries and scored three touchdowns, including the game-winner with 5:45 remaining on fourth-and-1, to help lift Buffalo to a 38-37 win against Ohio.