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Bull Run MAC PowerRankings

# Team Change Comment
1 Toledo 1 Huge win for Toledo right now they have done more to prove themselves than anyone in the conference.
2 Temple -1 Four turnovers is very untemple like. Word is the Owls might be moving on will they beat a MAC team with a winning record before they go?
3 WMU 4 Ok I am finally a believer in WMU. Their win, along with OU, NIU, and Temple all struggling moves them to the top tier
4 Ohio -1 On the plus side they escaped with their lives, on the minus… Kent, Again? Really?
5 BGSU - Hard to bump them for getting crushed against a ranked team, especially when others played so poorly.
6 NIU -2 Has any team in the MAC been more disappointing the NIU? They continue to play below where everyone expected them to be
7 Ball State -1 They only fall because I am not quite ready to put NIU below them (But I am close). Right now they look like a force in the west
8 CMU 1 CMU's win pretty much smashes up the established picture of the west.
9 Miami -1 Whats more impressive. Miami's ascent last year or their descent this season.
10 EMU 2 When was the last time EMU was 3-2? Sure two of those games are against FCS schools but its still something.
11 Buffalo -1 Well, lets just be thankful the check cleared. Other than that there are no real positives to take away
12 Kent -1 Kent continues to be Kent. They have yet to score more than 12 points against an FBS defense
13 Akron - Arkon does not have another 'winnable' until November.