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Bull Run being read by FakeVols QB! And he is talking smack.


Editorial Note, and a word of Warning to twitter followers everywhere! Anyone can make an account named everything. AllBray should have named the account "Fake Tyler Bray" but this is something that should have been caught. This funny, yet fake, account has fooled a few people over the past couple of days

By All accounts Bray is a serious athlete who never takes any opponent lightly. We can only wish that the real Bray was taking the team as lightly as the fake Bray. - Tim Riordan


It seems like the articles on Bull Run this week have upset Tyler Bray, Sophmore QB for the Tennessee Vols.  Here is a link to an article where Bray is Tweeted out some smack talk against Bull Run, Buffalo DB's, and how great he is!  

Here are just some of the highlights of the article.  After the jump find the link to the artcle:

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- Tyler Bray, Tennessee's sophomore quarterback, has little doubt what will transpire at Neyland Stadium this afternoon. He'll size up the University at Buffalo secondary, he'll pick out a receiver and he'll let it fly, certain of the result.

"The @UBBullRun blog is appropriately titled," Bray tweeted this week. "The Bulls' DBs will be running. A lot. 'Cause I like to go deeeep."


"87% of the time my name appears in print it is preceded by the word 'gunslinger'."


"Ovr/under on the number of different players with receptions on Saturday?"


"I could set the over/under at, say, 9. But then I'd just spread it on around to 10 guys. So y'all will have to guess amongst yourselves.