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Scouting Report: Bowling Green

UB Rolled through non conference play with a surprisingly impressive performance driven by some stand out play. In particular Javon McCrea, Byron Mulkey, and Zac Fitzen have all played way over where the pundits, who had UB last in the conference, thought they would be.

The Falcons started off the season in a terrible manner but have rallied to win their last four games. In that span they are shooting 50% from the field. Where the falcons are really running away from the rest of the MAC is in thievery.

Tale of the Tape:

UB BGSU adv   UB BGSU adv   UB BGSU adv
RPI Rank 170 312 UB FG Made Per Game 26.8 22.6 UB RPG 37.2 33.1 UB
SOS Rank 295 307 UB FG Att Per Game 54.8 55.8 BGSU Off Rebs Per Game 11.6 11.9 BGSU
Projected SOS Rank 243 207 BGSU FG Pct 48.8 40.6 UB Off Reb Pct 35.5 32 UB
Overall 8-4 5-9 UB FT Made Per Game 14.8 11.7 UB Def Rebs Per Game 25.7 21.2 UB
Home 5-1 4-2 UB FT Att Per Game 22.7 18.9 UB Def Reb Pct 66.5 65.3 UB
Away 3-3 1-5 UB FT Pct 65.1 62.1 UB Assists Per Game 14.7 12.7 UB
Neutral 0-0 0-2 UB 3FG Made Per Game 6.1 4.3 UB Assist Pct 54.8 56.2 UB
Top 25 0-1 0-1 BGSU 3FG Att Per Game 16.3 16 UB A/T Ratio 0.88 0.86 UB
Blowout (+ 19) 2-0 1-2 UB 3pt FG Pct 37.2 26.8 UB Steals Per Game 8.8 10.1 BGSU
Close (- 6) 1-2 0-4 UB Effective FG Pct 54.3 44.4 UB Steal Pct 12.6 14.9 BGSU
Overtime 0-0 0-0 BGSU True Shooting Pct 56.7 47.3 UB Blocks Per Game 5.8 2.6 UB
Pts Per Game 74.3 61.3 UB Free Throw Rate 41.3 33.8 UB Block Pct 10 5.1 UB
Poss Per Game 70.1 67.4 UB 2pt FG Point Pct 55.6 59.9 BGSU TOPG 16.7 14.8 BGSU
Pts Per Poss 1.06 0.91 UB 3pt FG Point Pct 24.6 21 UB Turnover Pct 23.8 21.9 BGSU
Floor Pct 53.6 48.9 UB FT Point Pct 19.8 19.1 UB Fouls Per Game 19.1 19.8 UB


Like UB the falcons are also really lacking any quality wins. The difference between the two teams has fallen on close games where Bowling Green is 0-4.

Bowling Green runs a 2-3 zone which has, in the past, given UB fits. Last season the Bulls swept the Falcons but are down, a lot, in the all time series (15-7). This season UB should be able to better attack the zone then in years past because of the power UB has put down low.

Keys to the Game:

  • Take away the low stuff and hope the Falcons stay cold from Three. So far this season they have been awful from three.
  • Cut down the turnovers. Bowling Green will do a good enough job of taking the ball away without our help. UB Can not keep up some of the sloppy play we saw this fall.