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Verbally Yours: Dillon Guy

Guy is the second Canadian Lineman to commit to UB this year, and the third during the past two seasons. While his home town is a mere 77 miles from UB's north campus the path he took to the NCAA was anything but direct.

Guy overcame academic struggles in high school to qualify as the 2009 All-Canadian Offensive Line award. His challenges in the classroom had more do to his priorities than his abilities. 

“I went through high school thinking that I was the best at football; it doesn’t matter what your marks are, you are going to go somewhere. I put in all this work to play, but I forgot to do the easiest thing,” - Dillon Guy

When his future in football was in jeopardy Guy re-focused on his academics. After getting his house in order he was picked to play on the Team World squad. During the prep for the game US versus the World game Guy was named a team captain.

After Graduating Guy  joined the Ottawa Sooners, a Canadian Junior Football team with a reputation for player development. Guy has tagged as a player to watch for future CFL drafts, even before he earned his NCAA ride.

He has moved from the Ontario high school ranks to Quebec's CEGEP league to the Ontario junior circuit, garnering a little more exposure to scouts at each step. -- Duane Forde


Name Dillion Guy
Position Dillon Guy
High School
Waterdown District High School
Hometown Waterdown, ON
Awards 2009 All-Canadian Offensive Line award.
Proposed Nick-Name* Canadian Bacon
Noteables Played Canadian Junior Football League with Ottawa
Captain of the World Team Juniors against the US


With the help of former teachers he hit the books while his coaches helped him prep for his move south. Ottawa Sooners coach Andy McEvoy was one of those who helped develop Guy.

"(Playing for the Sooners) I got great exposure to university scouts and had the great privilege of working under some great coaches (like McEvoy.)" -- Dillon Guy

While Guy worked on the filed Sooners recruiter Tristano Raponi met with football staffs at Buffalo and several other NCAA schools. These sessions garnered interest from UConn, Virgina, and Buffalo. Buffalo's offer was a dream come true for Guy who is intent on a career playing professional ball.

The work done by McEvoy, Campagna (Sooner OL Coach) and Raponi were one of the Reasons that Guy went with the Sooners.

"(Guy) signed on with us because he knows we can help a lot of kids get down to the NCAA," Tristan Raponi

Guy is aiming at a spot on Buffalo's interior offense line, maybe as a guard or center. Guy believes the staff at UB will help him make it to the next level. The Bulls offer a lot of opportunities on the line. An already thin unit which will be further decimated by graduation.