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Nobody Expect the Bull Run Inquisition: Clipping the Falcons


What Better place for an Inquisition than a 'Court'. So rather than put away the blog swaps like I did last season I am going to try and have at least one a week as time, and the availability of my Blogging Brethren allows.

UB Opens up conference play with Bowling Green. BJ Fischer is one of the veteran MAC Bloggers out there, as such he proved pretty hard to break. After all the hated between Buffalo and Bowling Green is less than mild when compared with Toledo. That makes getting under skin a tad difficult.
So The Inquisitor dug deep into his bag of tricks to break Falcon Blog:

BJ Finally came to his senses when the Inquisitor cracked falcon blog and threatened to hand the 'fan' portion over to Greg Brandon for 'Fan Motivation'. Not wanting to see Bowling Green fans insulted on his blog he fessed up:

Bull Run: All the talk leading up to this season has been Akron, Kent, and Ohio. Even Ball State has got more love then Buffalo or Bowling Green Which of our two schools will do more damage to the 'favorites' this year?

Falcon Blog: I really like the way Buffalo is playing, and in a MAC where everyone has flaws, there are plenty of chances for someone to emerge and grab a bye.   I think Saturday is going to be a very interesting game.  Buffalo (in my opinion) has yet to really get a signature win  but has no bad losses and BG is playing much better over the last 5 weeks than it did before that.  I think this has the potential to be a really competitive game.

Bull Run: Break down how Bowling Green is matching up with your expectations this year?

Falcon Blog: Well, in total, I would say we are far below what I would have expected.  We had clearly winnable games against Howard, Niagara and Albany that we did not, in fact, win.  The primary issue was below standard defense and absolutely wretched offense, a virtual inability to shoot the ball into the basket.  Now, the team we have seen over the last few games is much more in line with what I expected--strong guard play, a number of people able to score and an effective defense.  The question is whether this level of play is a true improvement or whether it is an aberration, and of course, that is a game to game thing.

Bull Run: Biggest reason Buffalo will beat you

Falcon Blog: Bowling Green fails to play solid perimeter defense and Filzen gets 145 points while BG's offense shoots poorly and can't keep up on their end.  Also--BG is 1-5 on the road this year.

Bull Run: Biggest reason you'll beat buffalo

Falcon Blog: BG's 2-3 continues to confuse the Bulls, and the turnover prone Bull attack falls prey to BG's MAC-leading thievery.  On the offense end, someone (Thomas, Brown, Calhoun) consistently scores the ball and others chip in.

Bull Run: Who is the best starter you have and who will do the most damage off the bench?

Falcon Blog: The best starter and player we have is Scott Thomas.  He is a rock-solid presence on the floor, where he scores, rebounds, gets steals and assists.  He makes a large contribution in every game.

I'm going to take two parts for the bench answer.  The player most LIKELY to do damage off the bench is Jordan Crawford, who is our reserve PG.  He provides the team with real toughness and energy, and is a great change of pace from Jakubowski, the starter.  In a fast-paced game, he'll be a great asset.

The player on the bench who could do the MOST damage is A'uston Calhoun.  He is young and inconsistent but has huge skills.  He's long and can score very effectively in the pain.  He is completely capable of ripping off a 20/10 night.