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Coach Spoon's MAC Teleconference..

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Well with MAC Mens play opening up the Mid American Conference held it's coaches teleconference. As I did with the football teleconference I will put up the Buffalo Coaches segment weekly on Bull Run. This week it opened up with the awe of how 'good' the Bulls have been.

While I consider myself as enamored with UB securing 8 wins out of conference as anyone else I have to disagree with Coach that we have had a challenging non conference schedule. In point of fact UB has had a lousy schedule. I don't blame the AD or coach we had teams back out and it hard for a mid major to pick its own opponents. Wins against Niagara, Green Bay, and a castrated Cornell should not blow the doors off of anyone.

But at least he quickly bruseh off about UB being a contender for the east with the mandatory "There's a long way to go".

He did spend a bit of time talking about McCrea who has quickly started to become a fan favorite, something Witherspoon noted. When asked if he had to fight for McCrea Witherspoon noted that because he was slightly off in summer ball, and because he was rather young (just turned 18)many were questioning if Javon could make it at the next level.

Anyway the full segment is below, hopefully showing up as I am trying out the html 'audio' tag.. If it is not working on your browser you need a new browser ;) In the mean time here is the file. If any of you html guru's out there have better code for embedding ogg in the page drop me a note..