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Free Movie Night! Riviera Theater to show film about the 58 Bulls

The 1958 Bulls went 8-1 and won the Lambert Trophy, they were awarded to the top team of small eastern colleges.

They were also invited to play in the Tangerine Bowl in Orlando, Fla., which was the school’s first bowl invitation, however there was a catch. At the time there was a rule that African Americans and whites could no play on the same field at the same time.

The team had to make a decision, either leave Willie Evans and Mike Wilson behind and play, or stand together as a team and decline the invitation.

"Together We Stand: The Story of the 1958 UB Bulls" will be showing for free at 5 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 8.

Johnson previewed his film this past summer at The Mid Way Club of Buffalo. He was joined by Evans, Van Valkenburrgh, Phil Bamford and Dr. Charles Tirone, who are members of the 1958 UB Bulls team.

The project began filmming in December 2009. --